Effective Strategies for Boosting Organic Instagram Presence

At the beginning of 2017, Instagram boasted of having over 600 million users and that was expected to go up by 200 million users all through this year. With such an impressive and broad range of audience, you simply cannot undermine the role of Instagram in social media marketing and promotion. It has kind of become mandatory for brands to maintain and boost their presence on Instagram. All brands would be delighted to create their presence on Instagram as they would love to be exposed to such a wide audience. Here are a few strategies for boosting your brand’s Instagram organic presence.

Cross-promote for Gaining Followers

If you are on other social networking sites such as Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, You would certainly like to tell the world that you are already on Instagram. For instance, you could consider taking a screenshot of the Instagram account you have and then go ahead and share it with your friends on Facebook and do not forget to provide a link to your precise Instagram page. You may alternatively include your Instagram username while posting on Facebook and ask your Facebook followers to consider following you on Instagram too. This way, you could gain many Instagram followers.

Create Appropriate Content for Complementing the Brand

Before you start getting ready with appropriate materials for your Instagram profile, it is essential to understand the specific objective of the brand. For instance, if your business is associated with travel, you must focus on services associated with the travel world like hotel booking, flights, gastronomy, packing tricks etc. You must take into consideration the ever-changing aspects of the tourism industry that would lead to engaging content all the way. You must figure out what types of content would work best for your precise target audience.

You could create a team for studying your competitor’s profile. They should be tracking exactly what kind of content is grabbing all the attention. Be precise with the content you post. There is no point in confusing your target audience. You may consider a user-submitted content to strike a healthy interaction and engagement with your clients. From time to time you could infuse personal touch in your posts by including some special occasions of your life such as anniversaries, and birthdays. You just need to strike the balance and nobody could then stop you from surging ahead.

Add Emojis for Boosting Discoverability

Emojis are supposed to be the universal language, especially, on Instagram. Statistics reveal that 50 percent of all comments and captions are accompanied with an emoji or maybe two on Instagram.  As emojis are actually searchable on Instagram, people could be discovering you based on the precise emoji you are using. Suppose you incorporate a camera emoji in your Instagram bio since you are a professional photographer, people would be locating you looking at the emoji you are using. In the case a stranger is in search of a photographer, he could locate you by running a search using the camera emoji.

Add the Right Hashtags for Gaining Traction

If you use the appropriate hashtags, your images could be exposed to a much wider audience. You could go on adding up to about 30 hashtags. On Instagram, interactions are supposed to be highest in all those posts that include 11+ hashtags. Consider using Hashtagify for finding hashtags that seem to be relevant to your brand or business. Alternatively, check the hashtags that are used by others in their posts.


It could be really a challenging task to gain followers on many social media platforms but it is not so on Instagram.  It is, in fact, quite easy to create an impressive following irrespective of your account type. The manner in which you interact and engage with others on Instagram and the way you answer or even inspire them could be instrumental in growing your Instagram account.

Written by Harris

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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