ePub Conversion

ePub3 and ePub Conversion

Let’s Design n Develop provides ePub Conversion and Formatting Services pertaining to the IDPF standards. All source formats – MS Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, 3B2, XML, HTML, or any other can get converted into digital eBooks and publications which can be read on any device with a compatible reading application. ePub being an open and standard format, offers consumers’ interoperability between hardware and software.

Why ePub Conversion?

The ePub format was developed as an industry-wide standard for eBooks. It is based on a variety of other technologies and standards, like Open eBook and XHTML 1.1, but its uniqueness is in how it combines these standards to provide a solid formatting foundation for eBooks of just about every shape and size.

The ePub standard is maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a non-profit organization made up of technology and publishing companies. “.epub” is the file extension of an XML format for reflow able digital books and publications.

ePub standard e-books can be read on any device or reading application that is compatible with ePub, thus enabling readers to buy e-books or obtain free e-books from a wide range of online sources. The readers can easily create a library of books independent of whatever reader they may have – they are no longer restricted to a format/reader. So, having your titles converted to ePub seems a very sensible thing to do.

Why pick us?

Automated tools that convert your books to ePub almost always result in an unformatted output with specific devices. Significant manual intervention is required to ensure compact and most accurate formatting. You can entrust us with that.

Our accomplishments as of yet in this area are boastful. We have completed a wide variety of ePub conversion projects for publishers, universities, libraries, corporations and technology companies all over the world. We are also capable of handling large volume projects with varying complexity.

We offer conversion services to the ePub format (and many other EBOOK formats) from virtually any medium – WORD, PDF, QUARK, INDESIGN, 3B2, RTF, XML, HTML and others. Our EPUB files are consistent with the standards set by the IDPF.