Escape 5 Crucial Tips To Have Higher Conversion Rates

A prosperous website owner must be well-informed about all the aspects that might affect the conversion ratings of the site. Many crucial factors are there ready to decrease your ratings and thus result in bad revenue and lack of readers. And, as a professional website owner, you should be on guard not to let any 3rd party factor affect your website’s ratings.

Every littlest detail in the structure of your website is essential for keeping the ratings high and collecting more new-comers to your site. The thing is to be clear-cut and organized in the whole process of running the website.

As a site owner, you ought to know all the glitches and try to fix them ASAP to provide a higher converting for your site.

Check the responsiveness of your site on different browsers, devices. Make sure it corresponds all the screens appropriately, operating the way it should.

One chief point a successful website owner ought to always keep in mind is that the simplicity is always more preferable in all the cases. No matter which kind of a website you run. One thing is clear – if you have a complicated design and structure on your site, your failure is closer than you think.

You may do your best to include innovations on your site and make everything as rich as you can, just to impress your site visitors. But the fact is that no one likes innovations and tons of structural pieces in the site. So just keep making everything as simple and clear as possible.

Unorganized design is your worst enemy

Messy and unorganized structure of the site is the guarantee that you’re not going to have any success and achievements as a website owner.

Every-single starting website developer must acknowledge a couple of key points not to fail in starting the e-business just from the start. And what’s the start? The website structure and design – that’s right.

The website look, the structure is the skeleton of the overall business you’re going to run through the internet marketing. If something’s wrong with the structure and the look of the website, the whole business will hurt. This is like a chain system, where every littlest detail has its aim and affects the upcoming one.

So be more attentive and calculating when structuring your website. Make sure the navigation is clear for all the users. Double-test every part of your website to ensure that the page structure is clear and easy-to-use for your users.

All the sections in the site should be organized and visibly clear to find. So if a new-comer lands on your site for the first time he/she will know exactly how to search around your website and easily find what he/she seeks.

No contact info – No trust

The “Contact us” section is one of the most vital parts of any website. This makes the website owner closer to the audience. Building a connection with your site comers you’ll definitely have more success in your business. Your availability can make miracles for your e-business.

People are more likely to trust websites that have contact info included, rather than ones without any contact info included. It’s kind of strange that a site owner provides no contact info in case you have any questions or suggestions or claims concerning the website.

The “Contact us” page may include the address of the office, the location on the map. Include a phone number to get in touch and, of course, an email address.

As for me, the most vital component of the “Contact us” page is the email address through which your site visitors can get in touch with you with their messages.

A perfect solution now the most of website owners implement on their sites is the contact forms that turn the process much easier and clearer.

The user easily fills out the form and clicks “Contact”. And that’s it, the message is sent to you right from the form.

The point in this case is to make the contact form as clear as possible. Make it simple and readable. Do not include tons of info in the form not to confuse the users.

Another fresh way of providing means of contact to your users are contact form popups. They appear on page load, or after clicking on a button/text on the page and the users fill the form right inside the popup.

Simplicity Comes First

Simplicity is the ultimate key to open the doors to the success for your business. No matter in which sphere you’re operating in. Clarity and simplicity are the most welcomed features you’ll need to implement to get better results.

The same refers to the website design. It should be clear and simple to be acceptable for a major part of the auditory.

Simple doesn’t mean poor or lack of some important components. The site can’t be less attractive if you make it simple. This is the key point, actually. You should be prof enough to build a simple but attractive website.

Minimalistic design is always more preferable and easy to catch and understand. One thing is proven – simplicity never gets old-fashioned. So just put all your efforts to build a simple, but cleverly systematized website at the same time to have more new-comers that are there to heighten your converting ratings.

The same minimalism should be applied on the components and tools used on the website for any purpose. Let’s take marketing tools, popups that you can use on the site.

If you offer a Subscription popup for your users that is not clear and complicated, the variety of getting them added to your mail list is less than you can imagine. Do not fill the popup with tons of additional texts. The subscriber-to-be is not interested in reading all that stuff provided with the form. This will make them suspicious about your offer. Another important point about Subscription popups is the clarity of the CTA (call to action) button. Make sure the reader understands what the button is for.

Check 2 examples of bad and good Subscription popups below:

1.The bad one:

2.The good one:

Mobile version missing

A professional website should have a mobile version of the original. One that will fit to a mobile screen and be appropriate for mobile usage.

This is, actually, a problem for many websites today. The developers just build a website, forgetting about the view on mobile devices. The website may be perfectly constructed for desktops of various computer devices. But we should remember that most of the users visit sites on their mobile gadgets. It’s more convenient and today’s gadgets provide all the opportunities for the users to navigate wherever they wish via mobile devices.

So, building up a website keep in your mind that you should take care of the mobile version of your site, to guarantee high rates for your site. As the lack of the opportunities on mobile version of the website will result in fall of your conversion ratings for sure.

Inappropriate mobile popups

The usage of popups, in general, evokes negative feelings among most of the website visitors. People are tuned negatively about popups, just because of the inappropriate usage of popups on many websites today, especially on mobile versions. This is only about spammy usage of popups by non-professional website developers. There are certain rules to follow, even in case of the usage of simple popups on the website.

The popups should be constructed and implemented in a way not to irritate the users. They must be clear and easy to escape in case the user is not interested in the proposal you’re making through the popup.

The most major and catastrophic mistake the popup users are making refers to the mobile view popups. Sometimes they are hard to understand and there’s no way to close them. This can be really irritating, of course, and we can’t blame the website visitors if they don’t want to visit your site ever again.

The popups mustn’t cover more than 40% of the screen, and in case of the mobile version, it would be better if it covers not more than 30% of the screen.

Make sure you include a close button so the watcher can escape and close your popup if he/she is not interested in what you offer.

No close button

Close button included

Encountering all the mistakes and avoiding them will definitely bring higher scores to the rating of your site. Your e-business will grow in a rapid speed granting you the income you have never expected to have.

Just take the whole process of website building seriously and consider some aspects not to fail before you even start.

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