Etsy Launches the New Global Champaign-Difference Makes Us Unique

Celebrating differences has become the new marketing strategy of many companies like the Samsung, Android, Coca-cola and many others. They believe that by following the new strategies and methods, that are different from the common traditional methods will bring them success in their business. This idea now strikes the online retailer, which sells the handmade products, Etsy. This campaign is created out of office of baby. This difference makes us Champaign, is going to bring the difference between the two objects that are new to make the difference. These two objects are the mug and end tables. If we look at how these two objects became unique, that has a different story of individuality and humanity.

The new Campaign tells about the unique products to its depth, so that people will search more for those products in Etsy. This campaign has attracted many people to buy the unique products. These differences help us to change our preferences to which we are addicted to, and make us to think differently, which will help us to find, who we are exactly. And it helps to find the unique features in everything we see. This will also help us to see, how we implement this difference to the buyers and sellers.

According to Paul caiozzo, the partner of office of baby, Etsy has gained many users, when compared to many other shops at online. Etsy aims to create the platform that is uniform globally, as like to make the difference, which made the Etsy to become popular worldwide.

The main motto of this Campaign is to create awareness among people, that each and every product is the reflections of creativity. There is creativity in each and every little things of life, said Mr. Paul, partner of office of baby. Sometimes the very little thing will show our character as an individual. Everything that was shown on ads that reflects the Etsy products clearly, some props was used to demonstrate it. Most of the ads were captured in the iPhones, it is a decision taken to improve the content of the campaign even better.

This Campaign helps the sellers to create such unique products, and sell them in their shop on Etsy.

Let’s take a look at the unique products that suite all the seasons.

To be a successful designer there is no rule that you should design only the seasonal products and designs, focusing on the trend and designing the trendy products will automatically make you a successful designer in the industry. For example, to match up the trend, choose a color or a model, work on that color for unique products, you will come up with a trendy unique product.

Trend is nothing but the factor that is newly introduced in the market and has maximum number of likes. For example, we can consider the marble designs are the trend now-a-days. So focus on creating new trendy and unique designs, in order to cope up with the competition.

Hand drawn prints

This type of printing brings out the unique talents in everyone, everyone has a different style when it comes to hand drawn prints. These prints are fluid in nature, and these prints can be designed on the mugs, plates and in many more things. Just with the pen and paper, an adorable art can be created, which also expresses the quality of uniqueness in the designer.


Heavily textured fabrics are costly as well as comfortable. The fabrics can be made with the linen, which will have a good look and feel. The embroidering on the fabrics will add the creativity and beauty of the fabric. Woolen fabrics are the trends forever, designing the creative woolen fabrics is the sign of uniqueness.

XL weaves

Create the products that were used in the old times, so this may change the trend and also old may become new. Design blankets or any other things that may be trendy. The wall hangings will attract the customers most. The unique designs on wall hangings will be the added advantage.


Craftsmanship becomes the centre of creativity. It was the trend of all times. Painting a wall, having new designs on tables, chairs and even in the vessels is the kind of craftsmanship.

Natural foods

The unused parts of the fruits and vegetables can be used to make the crafts. They can be used for the decoration. You can create any patterns in the wood with the help of the fruits and vegetables, and you can color the wood with the trendy color that suite the pattern in the wood, this will be unique and attracts the customers.

Speckles and Flecks

Ceramics and fabrics will have many speckles and flecks scattered upon them. They will also make some patterns in the ceramics and fabrics. Just sprinkle the color on the ceramics; this will come up with a new design and pattern. These kinds of speckles are loved by many of the customers. The trendy colors will be added advantage for the speckles. In Etsy, there will be huge collections of this kind.

Color palette

There is a great demand for the color palette sort of designs. These will bring great designs in the wall paintings, floral designs, etc.

Tinted glass and mirror

Glass and mirrors with these mixed colors will be just awesome. They have very pleasant and attractive outlook.

Tips for bursting out stress while creating different products

Spend time on the right things

The creative person, who loves making new things, has to transform the making to marketing. Market your product through emails, social networking and other methods, that will have good traffic to your site on Etsy. The unique and new products are always welcomed on Etsy.

Avoid problems

First make a list of your problems, and then try to find solutions for your problems. The creative and different products will always be welcomed by the customers, so avoid the confusion, whether this product will reach among the customers or not.

Group similar jobs together

Find out what you have to do, in order to make the product successful. List out the jobs, and divide each job accordingly. First make the design, market it and sell it. These are the major jobs which one should. Plan your sub jobs accordingly.

How can you automate?

Automate all your marketing works in advance, so that you will not have the last minute rush. And also tell about your future works and crafts in your marketing ads, so that it may reach the customers soon.

Plan earlier

Have a time to plan your activities. Make a plan and check out the plan again. This will help to create a perfect product. The unique product with a good plan will always be successful.

 Not to do list

Make a list of the things that you should not do. So that these unwanted things will not disturb you while focusing on your plan.

Focus on perfectionism

If you have more, try to add more additional things that will make the product look better than what you have planned. If  you have less time, stop worrying about perfection, focus on your work, do it as planned, it will definitely be the best product, and will replicate your creativity.

Written by Anand Rajendran

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder & CEO of Zoplay. He is a technology and gadget geek. He is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles on eCommerce, Crowdfunding, Health and Lifestyle. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others. His company Zoplay, has developed a software product called Shopsy Script which is nothing but an Etsy clone script which can be used as a turn key solution for ecommerce startups.

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