Feeling Blue? 5 Inspirational Blue Web Designs

Feeling Blue? 5 Inspirational Blue Web Designs

Feeling blue? Don’t worry! I’m going to cheer you up by making you feel blue.

Wait, what?

I know the exact thing that’ll lift your spirits – 5 of the most inspirational blue designs on the web. Blue is a popular color for web design for good reason. The color blue evokes many emotions such as serenity, confidence, intelligence, and safety. It’s no wonder why social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make sure there’s plenty of blue in their logo and web design.

Now for the part that’ll cheer you up! Let’s take a look at 5 blue web designs that’ll inspire your next project.

Bold and Confident

Blue is truly a magical color because it can evoke a range of emotions. It can be bold and express confidence or be subtler and stimulate peace. It depends on how you use it and the message your brand is trying to send.

Bounty Brev is a company that makes American craft beer. Watch any advertisement for beer. Every company is trying to convince consumers that their beer is the boldest and will make them project confidence. This happens because people often drink alcohol so they feel more confident in social situations.

Bounty Brev’s design screams confidence. The darker shade of blue is bold and consumes the entire background. The vast amount of blue is certainly making a proud statement about the brand itself. The blue background also compliments the bold and clear white text.

Darker blue will make a statement if your brand is trying to explode with confidence.

Touch of Blue

Blue is a powerful color to use, even if it’s just a touch of it. Blue is associated with trust, honesty, and loyalty. These are all qualities that your brand should try to resemble, no matter what business you’re in. You don’t need to have blue take over your design in order to accomplish this. Just a small touch of blue can be enough.

Mountain Productions is a company that sells rigging equipment products and a service that sets up stages. It’s important for this company to gain trust of consumers because a stage collapsing is a dangerous situation. To portray this trust, they used a hint of blue throughout their webpage. Although it’s only small slivers of color, it pops out because the rest of the design is rather simple.

If you’re a company that offers a potentially dangerous service, it’s important you establish trust with consumers. A little bit of blue can be just enough to do this.

Enhance Creativity

Creativity is a great marketing tool. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns ask consumers to be creative and share videos or photos on social media. It also gives power to the consumers.

If your business is about creativity and art, then blue is the color for you. Blue is the most productive color and enhances creativity. It makes you more concentrated and stimulates your mind. This can be powerful for any business.

Cuberto is a digital creative agency. Their use of blue in their design is brilliant. Not only is it the perfect color for their company’s theme, it’s also a graphic of the sky. There’s a telescope in the bottom right corner and stars in the sky.

When you look up at the sky and glance at the stars, you can’t help but think of wonderment and endless possibilities. This kind of message oozes creativity. Cuberto uses blue to combine the productive element of being creative and the actual mindset that induces creativity.

Sophisticated Intelligence

Perhaps boldness and creativity isn’t the main theme of your brand. Maybe you want to send a more intelligent message. Blue accomplishes this as well.

Type Terms explores specific designs of typography. It goes into a deeper level of typography that you wouldn’t necessarily think of at the surface. They teach consumers about the smallest elements of different fonts and what that means for the word’s presentation.

The navy blue background is more serious than a brighter shade of blue. Type Terms is indicating that you should take their brand seriously because you’re going to learn something interesting. This sophistication sends a brave message to visitors.

Calm and Peaceful

Blue also gives off a calm vibe of serenity. While people are on your website, you’re telling them to relax and forget about their problems. It’s very welcoming and brings your brand to a personal level with consumers.

You associate your pool with calmness. There aren’t any rough waves or annoying seagulls that are found at the beach. Instead you calmly sit by the pool and swim in the peaceful water. Riiot Labs recreates this calmness with their light blue design.

Riiot Labs’ product analyzes your pool and lets you know if there are any problems. The teal color and lighter shade of blue makes you feel like you’re sitting by your pool. It also builds trust, which is an important feature of their product. Use a blue design to create a calm atmosphere for consumers.

Feeling Blue

Now you can see that feeling blue is actually a positive thing. Make sure your designs are feeling blue as well!

Written by lexie

Lexie is a designer, writer, and coffee lover. She writes about trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.


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  1. Thanks Lexi again! You inspire me every time.

    Maybe you know some ways to facilitate the work of a web designer? I get tired every time I’m creating slogans and inscriptions on the pictures. I generally keep quiet If we are talking about the development of content. There are articles like this ( http://designrfix.com/apps/9-apps-tools-designers-enjoy-writing ), which say that you can hire a professional or use special tools. But maybe you can something to advise? Or you agree with them that If you can’t do this you need to find someone who can? Ahh, I’m losing my mind, definitely!

    • Thank you, Adriana 😀 I’m glad you enjoy my posts!

      As for help with ideas, my best advise would be to look at how others are writing slogans and tags for images. Try to emulate their style and see if it works for you.

      How I usually figure out my slogans and titles is asking the question, “If I’m a potential customer and just read this, will I know what it’s about?” It’s your job to tell them about the product/service in 1 sentence. It’s a daunting feeling, but it’s something that helps me narrow the direction.

      I usually use Grammarly and Hemingway as tools to help with my writing. If you really don’t enjoy writing and would much rather design (trust me–I’ve had those days), that’s perfectly fine. Find a freelance writer, look at samples of their work and don’t be afraid to tell that what you’re envisioning.

      Hope this helps, and thank you for reading!

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