Five Things You Should Know About Web Designer As A Career

“The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design” -Massimo Vignelli

A career in web design might not be the noblest undertaking in the world—it does not necessarily save lives, neither does it serve justice. But in one way or another, it gives online users a better, more enriched and seamless online experience—and for that alone, finding your profession in web design might be a worthy endeavor. After all, with almost everyone perpetually connected to the Internet, you can at least say you contributed to their online satisfaction by creating a worthy visual experience. However, this begs the question: Is web design a good career? Well, like every other job in the world, it has its fair share of ups and downs. So, before joining a team of designers in web design Philippines, consider these things about being a web designer first:

1.) Some clients are hard to deal with

In your career as a web designer, you would inevitably come across difficult individuals who would be hard to strike a business transaction with. In fact, unless you are extremely lucky, a huge fraction of your clients (and potential ones) would make up of the ones that would give you a lot of stress. These are the clients you would be happy not to hear from anytime soon. The thing with these clients is that they have the mistaken notion that as they are paying you, you should be able to deliver what they want—exactly how they want it. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as what the client might ask for might either be impractical or impossible to do. Some would be happy to make compromises while others would insist on having their way causing you a lot of stress.

2.) You need to make a name for yourself

Unfortunately, an empty resume without any recommendations and notable works you have done in the past would not make the cut in a web design profession. In fact, nothing is more embarrassing than going to an interview with an empty portfolio. It does not only convey your inexperience, but it shows your disinterest and your laziness as well—two traits that would turn off potential clients. Remember that the web design profession is a competitive atmosphere, and you are up against individuals who have polished and honed their skills. So, make a name for yourself and though working for free might not be something you would be receptive to, it can be incredibly rewarding as it will grant you experience. Eventually, with experience, you are then ready for the bigger and better job that pays.

3.) The client is not always right

They might be paying you to translate their vision into an online experience, but that does not mean they are always right—and you should not be afraid to point it out to them. You are not hired to play nice and suck it up to the client. No, you were hired to create an excellent and high-quality solution. Between you and the client, you know a lot more about web design, so do not be afraid to tell the client that what he or she wants is not always right. In the end, even if the client did not get their way, if you provide an excellent tool for the business which translates to profit, your client will likely be more impressed and would likely hire you again—even if you disregarded his tips.

4.) Design with the user in mind

To have a good idea of what kind of users your client’s website might have, ask him what kind of clients he has. Ask questions such as what they do for a living, how much time they spend on the internet and the like. From the information, you have gathered, create a website that is specifically tailored to address the specific type of audience your client has. When it comes to user experience, remember that design is an integral factor, so design for the user and think of how they will interact with the website.

5.) It never works from the first time

A career in web design requires a great deal of patience as it is one of those jobs that would eat so much of your energy and may drive you crazy at times. You might come across a problem that would seem like it has a simple solution from the get go, but you would realize that it is not as straightforward as you hoped it would be. Roadblocks such as unresponsive selectors, database errors and the like are just some of the things you will come across. Be patient, and do not expect everything to be done in a matter of hours after you start coding.

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