Fixed layout ePub Conversion

Fixed layout ePub Conversion

Let’s Design n Develop offers you Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services, allowing you to create ebooks with precise layouts, closely matching the actual page layout of the source, using advance CSS and CSS3.

With our Enhanced ePub Conversion Services, we help you embed video and audio files, design flexible cover pages enabled to fit perfectly into any size of eBook, table of contents and searchable text files. With internal and external linking, our multimedia ePub conversions ensure that your ePub formatted file successfully passes validation tests required for sale on Apple’s iTunes’ iBookstore.

Offering Fixed Layout ePub conversion services that allow you to create books with precise layout

Types of book that we frequently reproduce as Fixed-layout eBooks include:

  • Children’s picture books
  • Cookery books
  • Travel guides
  • Restaurant guides
  • Company reports and annual reviews
  • Academic publications
  • Text books and learning materials
  • Business guides

What is a “Fixed Layout” ePub eBook?

Devices such as iPad, iPhone accept content that is customized for the fixed layout ePub format. This type of content format is most useful for eBooks that contain lots of images, artworks and illustrations(eg. Magazines, Photo Book etc. ). The content format utilized for fixed layout eBooks ensures that text and related illustrations do not get realigned causing a broken design pattern.

Fixed layout ePubs for iPad

Apple has designed the iPad to accept content in the fixed layout format. However, the fixed layout ePubs format for iPad is different from that accepted by other devices. It supports brief two page view that is ideally suited for displaying pages with less text content and more of illustrations along with hypertext links on the displayed content. “Read to me”, thumbnail navigation, text search and zoom without losing the quality of images and illustration are other additional features of the fixed layout ePubs format for iPad.

We guarantee you premium quality fixed layout ePub format for iPad.

We will:

  • Embed the fonts, and pick the precise placement of graphic elements, etc.
  • If required, superimpose your text over images
  • Set a background color
  • Wrap the text around images
  • Provide horizontal orientation to your eBook
  • Create multi-column text pages

We can also support you in making use of enhanced interactive features such as Apple, Kobo, B&N, Amazon and all other major reading devices support derivations of fixed layout ePub files.