Four SEO Tips to Stay Ahead of Competition

It is an accepted reality that search engines are changing constantly. They are evolving, updating and improving continuously. The world of SEO is a forever changing scenario. SEO industry is truly dynamic and the only thing constant here is the change that is bound to happen. In this digital era, the SEO industry is progressing so speedily that it is a futile exercise to even try and read a book on SEO. It is a fact that the moment the book is published, the content of the book would lose relevance. The information provided in the book would become obsolete. Having said that, today it is pretty evident where the search is heading towards in the times ahead. Though the details of any specific algorithm modifications are yet to be known, here are some of the things you could be sure of.

Keyword Research Would Be Replaced by Audience Targeting

It is time to stop all keyword-related worries and concentrate chiefly on audience targeting. Unfortunately, many clients and even forums are still hooked up with the keywords. Do not be misled into thinking that keywords do not matter anymore. A part of being fully aware of your audience is to understand their intent and search patterns. You need to concern yourself with a few vital questions including who is actually your audience, who all would you want to be a part of your audience. Are they usually visiting your site? How to serve your audience well? Is your audience looking for information? If yes, what would you tell your audience to make them engaged as customers? Are they thinking of purchasing a product? If yes, what sort of decision support would they be requiring? By thoughtfully addressing these questions and dilemmas, using robust content you would be coming across the proper keywords. Consult an organic small business SEO service provider for perfect SEO guidance and solutions.

The Key to Success Is Understanding Artificial Intelligence & Its Role

Are you aware of Google’s RankBrain? If you are yet to hear about it, it is a good idea to catch up with some reading to understand the way it functions and what expectations you could harbor on artificial intelligence, as well as, machine learning in relation to the SEO. RankBrain is supposed to be an AI (artificial intelligence) program that is used for helping in processing Google search queries. According to Google’s new and fascinating announcement, RankBrain is used in monitoring Google’s search results, making the necessary progress, and providing overall guidance in developing Google’s core search algorithm. RankBrain is functional thanks to artificial intelligence.

Search engines do not operate with only one algorithm as many of you wrongly believe. There are numerous algorithms. By using artificial intelligence or machine learning, RankBrain is effectively determining exactly which combination of algorithms would be right for any particular query. So, do not bother too much about algorithms. You may not waste your efforts in attempting to understand or predict the changes. Generate content that would be fulfilling user intent. Google is learning really fast how to find out what exactly your users are seeking or looking for. You must do that too. Moreover, Google has started using these technologies for helping search engine optimizations on actually the backend. Today Google Analytics is also using AI or artificial intelligence for letting natural language processing to assist in navigating through and finding the data you are looking for.

Link Building Would Die

Just in the same manner as in keyword research, it cannot be claimed that one must ignore backlinks totally but the expense and effort involved in building links are increasingly demonstrating diminishing returns. The entire objective of Page Rank from Google was actually to determine the authority and reliability of a given website based on the quality and the number of links diverted to that particular site. The idea was that these links were actually earned and they came in naturally. If you go after links, which are valuable and valid to your users, you would be creating a definitely, better user experience. There are, however, numerous ways of promoting your content and earning those useful links without devoting your energy, effort and time pushing for the links.


Keep in mind that Google has already implemented the decision to stop updating the toolbar PR extensions. This could be treated as an indication that they do not wish SEOs and webmasters to concentrate on it.  Your time, money and energy would be utilized much better by doing in-depth market analysis, generating superb content and utilizing social and many other offsite techniques and strategies for identifying your audience and initiating a direct conversation with them.

PPC Would Be Gaining Importance like Never Before

In the year 2016, you have witnessed how Google made drastic changes to AdWords. Remember more such dramatic changes are very much on the way. Besides, eliminating ads that used to appear on the search results’ right-hand column, text ads were actually, made longer, mobile ads and desktop ads are now managed separately. Moreover, fewer organic results would be demonstrated in many SERPs.

For quite some time now, the only method of determining the accurate keywords users would be entering while making a query was to type various search queries in Google. With the launch of the voice search and its increasing use especially, on mobile, we would be acquiring new information which could be driving brand awareness and even conversions and provide precious data for the organic SEO strategy.


In the next six to eight months, you are sure to come across the same old posts associated with content length, optimized page titles and link building which are pervasive each and every year. You must try and understand that the above four tips would be of value to the digital marketers as we progress towards 2017.

Written by Charlie Brown

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