Here’s How to Use Your Daily Habits For Writing Better Content in Less Time

Here’s How to Use Your Daily Habits For Writing Better Content in Less Time

We often hear that blogging requires consistency. However, developing the habit of writing consistently can be incredibly hard for many bloggers, especially for the beginner ones.

And it isn’t surprising, actually, as the blogging is not only about writing. You need to come up with new ideas, keep an eye on trends, promote your blog – and find the time for writing as well. This could be a real challenge, especially if blogging still isn’t your full-time job.

But even in this case, you are able to become more productive and start crafting better content in less time. You won’t even need to struggle much in order to do so: all you need to do is to tailor your daily habits to your writing and maybe build some new ones.

So if you are a writer, beginner or professional one, here are the habits that could boost your productivity quickly.

1. Morning routine.

Or any other routine as well. Most of us do have specific routines, be it a cup of coffee in the morning or checking Facebook as soon as they wake up.

A routine is basically a habit you build over time. And while some of those habits could be distracting and unproductive, the others could help us with blogging. The best thing about routines is that they train your brain – and only you decide what do you want to train it to do.

So if you struggle with coming up with new ideas, for example, turn your morning coffee time into a brainstorm, thinking about topics for new posts and writing down everything that you came up with. And if you do check Facebook often, try training yourself to spot the trends you might want to react to.

2. Web surfing.

Probably all of us caught ourselves on surfing the web mindlessly. Sometimes this happens because of procrastination and sometimes we simply stumble on something interesting during the break and soon find ourselves reading articles we didn’t expect to read.

But what if you make your web surfing more conscious and focused? Being a blogger, you probably have some people who inspire you – other bloggers, niche experts, writers, and so on. Try reading their blogs and other articles written by them when you surf the web. This would be more beneficial for you as well as could help you get some insights on how to improve your blog and become a better blogger.

3. Listening to music.

Many of us listen to music during writing – but the important thing here is to choose the right music that could actually help you focus instead on distracting you. I’d recommend choosing music without lyrics – a classical one, an instrumental one, and so on.

The rest is up to you. Some of us find classical music more relaxing and prefer some kind of epic soundtracks instead. Personally, I love writing while listening to electronic music – it’s fast, rhythmical, and so allows me to write quicker.

So choose the music you like and try listening to it during work.

4. Messaging.

There are so many things that come to our mind during the day – and there are a few we actually remember when the day comes to an end. With so many distractions in our lives, it could be hard to concentrate on a good idea or an important though to remember it well enough – and that’s the reason to write it down.

The fastest way to do so is to write a message to yourself. Many messengers allow us to create a chat with ourselves – and such chat could become a great place to store useful information you need to write down as quickly as possible. Often we don’t have time to look for our planner and not all of us use the Notes app frequently enough to keep it in mind. But we do message our friends every day and so the chat in a messaging app won’t go unnoticed.

This approach is perfect for storing great ideas that come to your mind at an inappropriate time – in a shop, at a gym, and so on.

5. Scheduling.

We do schedule the tasks we consider important – but not all of us actually schedule writing. Some writers still view it as a creative process that cannot be planned because it requires inspiration – and this could be true for them, sure. However, when it comes to blogging, you simply cannot rely on inspiration if you want to succeed.

What you need instead is to make the writing process easier and quicker for you. The best way to do so is to create a writing routine. Find a time when you enjoy writing the most (for example, early in the morning, during an office break, late in the evening). Then choose for how long you plan to write daily and schedule writing during this period.

These tips could help you not only with the writing process itself but also with the things that aid the process greatly – research, inspiration, ideas, and so on. While they might seem less significant and time-consuming, you’d be surprised to realize how much time you’ll save by optimizing these things.

So do your best to adjust your daily habits and become a more productive writer!

Written by Sophia Clark

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In my free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.

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