High-tech Kitchen Gadgets Prove That the Future Is Now!

It seems that with each passing year, technology trends are becoming more and more sophisticated. Our daily routines are becoming dependant on various simple and complex gadgets. We use vacuum cleaners to clean our homes and machines to wash our clothes and dishes. When it comes to the kitchen there are countless ways that you can make cooking and other activities a lot easier. In order to help you get the best that technology has to offer, we have made a list of the best gadgets just for your kitchen.

A frying pan with special skills

First of all, if you enjoy making pancakes, omelettes or fries, then this is the ideal gadget for you. Smart frying pans are designed by top-notch experts to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and easy. Additionally, it has a built in app with recipes and instructions on how to use the frying pan properly. One of its main features is that it sends a signal to your phone notifying you that it has reached the programmed temperature and that you can start cooking right away. It can even be set to notify you that your meal is done.

High-tech Kitchen Gadgets Prove That the Future Is Now!A Digital volumetric spoon scale

Have you ever felt the frustration of not knowing whether you have added the right amount of milk or flour to your cake mix? Now, with this digital volumetric spoon scale you will be able to accurately measure every single ingredient. By using this device, you will also be able to balance out your meals during the day because it makes it easier for you to count calories.


If you’re constantly on the go and don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen preparing food, then this is the perfect kitchen gadget for you. Mellow is a machine which uses a method of under vacuum cooking, with HDPE bags in a water bath. It will prepare your meal exactly when you instructed it to. The time and temperature can be set using a phone app. This machine uses water circulation to cook the food at a perfect temperature. So don’t worry about losing any more time for preparing the food before and after work.

High-tech Kitchen Gadgets Prove That the Future Is Now!A smart fridge

Nowadays fridges are designed to do a lot more than just to keep the food and beverages cool. Samsung’s new cooler has a built-in 8-inch LCD touch-screen with a Wi-Fi connection which means that you can store your food in it, and surf the web at the same time for various recipes. There’s a variety of different features on it as well, such as the option to create notes and place them on the desktop for you and your family to see and a calendar as well. If you feel like listening to music while you are in the kitchen, then you can access the radio with ease and enjoy yourself.

Smart coffee makers

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to have your coffee machine make you a cup just by sending it a text? Smart machines like Firebox can brew and grind your coffee on demand. This means that you only have to turn on your phone or tablet and send it your desired brew. Apart from being able to choose the strength of your coffee, you will also have the option of choosing the quantity – it can prepare up to 12 cups for you. You should try experimenting with different coffee brews.

High-tech Kitchen Gadgets Prove That the Future Is Now!


A modern kitchen is unimaginable without a high-tech dishwasher. Everybody hates dirty dishes and luckily this machine takes care of that leaving you with more spare time to do other activities around the house. These dishwashers have built-in timers which will additionally alert you when the dishes are cleaned. If you need help installing them, or you simply want to browse for more interesting cutting-edge gadgets, then your best option is to call a skilled professional for blanco appliances.

As you can see, the future is here and it is going to make your kitchen experience that much more enjoyable and practical.

Written by Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to business and technology.

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