How Keyless Remotes Apps In Android Breach The Security?

How Keyless Remotes Apps In Android Breach The Security

As convenient as it is to operate car remotes and access the car’s systems through Smartphone apps, it is not that smooth where safety is concerned, unfortunately. The keyless remote entry systems are the ones that allow you to unlock the car door without pushing any buttons or clicking the handles. In last few years, the keyless remote apps have emerged as one of the biggest loopholes with respect to car’s security. Since the technology is still in its juvenile stage, not much has been done to keep it secured from hackers. Several theft cases have come to the light where cars were stolen via hacking the car’s keyless entry system. Once the code is cracked, the thief can easily switch off the car’s theft alarm and steal whatever they want from the car or the car itself.

How The System Is Vulnerable To Hackers?

For any hacker, it is a child’s play to connect their device to the diagnostic port of a car with low or almost no security measures; they can easily download all required information and create a drive to steal the vehicle. The British Police recently warned all the car owners about this rapidly expanding security threat. All those who wish to keep their information, as well as the car safe from being stolen, must learn to take proper measures. And remember, key fob replacement on a frequent basis is and cannot be a viable solution for this problem.

How To Stay Safe From Such Security Breach?

While a number of suggestions have been made concerning this problem, the biggest challenge that has come in a way is that the interaction between the fob and the car takes place with the help of communication or signal boosters. This ensures the car can be opened by the owner even when they are at little distant. A hacker can thus, create a program to assure the car that fob is close even when it is more than a yard away in reality. The car entry systems that are on sale online have mostly reported this problem. Therefore, if your car is parked somewhere near your home or workplace where the fob is, the thief can easily imitate the fob and steal the vehicle. So you might be worried that what can be done to rectify this situation.

The automotive brands can take care of this issue by providing buyers with a button that can activate the fob on choice. They can also add-in the technology that makes the system potent enough to recognize the actual key fob and not rely on the perception of weak signals. Also, if your car has an option of disabling the proximity feature, you can always take advantage from that.

What Not To Do?

A few bad options have been suggested by some crack heads for keeping their cars safe from hackers. One of the most inappropriate ones is keeping the car key fob in the freezer or deep freezer. We advise you strictly not to do that, as such things will never help you and would not prevent hacking by hackers. The freezing temperatures might actually destroy the circuits in your car or cause some permanent damage that you may not be able to recover. Then there are a few others who suggest, to place the key fobs in microwave ovens. It is again a terrible hazardous idea that can further damage your system. Someone may use the fob without noticing the key fob and destroy it. It can also lead to other dangerous situations causing irreparable damages to the oven or the person using it. Wiser option is to use a steering wheel lock; it will keep your vehicle from unwanted attention and reduce its vulnerability.


These strategies, however, do not address or resolve the core issue but can be helpful to some extent. They can act as a primary level security layer for your vehicle but might not keep it safe completely. An expert suggests people keep their key fobs over their night tables and uses the panic button as the makeshift alarm for emergencies. It can really help in keeping your vehicle safe, wrap it in an aluminum foil and you are good to go.

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