How to Convince Others You’re Worth It

How to Convince Others You’re Worth It

You’re worth it. You know it. People close to you know it. Now you have to convince others of this fact.

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Courtesy of GIPHY

This is the most difficult part of any online business. Yes, clients should be investing in you. Unfortunately, there are other companies that also deserve to be invested in. By other companies I don’t mean a handful. I’m talking about hundreds, maybe even thousands of businesses and freelancers who work hard and produce quality work.

You have to stand out.

You need to implement elements to your website that give clients no choice but to invest in you. Go the extra mile to convince others you’re worth it.

Here’s what you can do to prove your worth.

Testimonial Proof

Simply listing your business’s services will certainly inform clients on what you can do for them. Although this information is helpful, there’s still something missing. There’s no human connection clients can make to your body of work.

This is where testimonials come in handy.

Testimonials add a human element to your work that people can relate to. You’re using quotes from actual people who’ve experienced working with you, and this is what you’re selling. If clients are visiting your website, then chances are pretty good they’ve checked out your work and know what you can do. They want to make sure the experience will be beneficial for them. You should also use a photo of that person so new clients feel even more connected to what people have said about you.


Xero expertly utilizes testimonials to its advantage. It has a page full of positive quotes about its business and a photo of each person. All a potential client has to do is scroll through this page once to trust Xero.

Xero goes a step further by breaking its testimonials into different categories. There are testimonials for startups, creative agency, retail and many more categories. This means there’s a positive quote or video for every service it offers. Xero’s testimonials are specific to exactly what a client might need.

Get testimonials from current or former clients. Now create a page that displays these comments and convince people to trust your company.

User Engagement

Testimonials work well because it confirms the positive work experience your company offers. The more visitors are aware of people’s experience with your company, the better off you’ll be. This is why you should display user engagement.

User engagement offers social proof of your company. It shows people are not only interested in your company, but also invested enough to join your email list or follow you on social media. This is attractive to new clients because they see how many people have invited you into their everyday lives. People don’t just join an email list to passively observe a company. They want that company to become a part of their life.


Look at the bottom right corner of Social Media Examiner’s website. You’ll notice an opt-in box to join its email list. Notice the sentence that’s bold in the body of text: “Join 500,000+ of your peers!”

Aren’t you tempted to join that list? If more than 500,000 people trust this company, it must be doing something right. By sharing your user engagement, you’re telling potential clients that people already trust you and enjoy working with you. This is why displaying the number of shares an article gets works so well. If a lot of people share an article, then the information must be valuable. If a lot of people join your email list, then your content must be beneficial for consumers.

Give visitors the numbers and show them your success isn’t a coincidence.

Show Results

Your goal is to convince others you’re worth it. They aren’t sure if they should work with your company or with another one. The reason they’re unsure is because they don’t know what the result of working with you will be.

So show them.

Take the numbers from your previous clients and calculate how much money you saved them. See if your work with other clients resulted in them winning awards. Maybe you boosted business for them and made them more money. Find out how you helped them and what that means for people visiting your website. Then display this research.


Takeout Taxi did its research and went the extra mile with its graphics. The top of the page displays exactly what the company can do. This information is followed by a graph that shows the client’s increase in profit if they use Takeout Taxi’s service.

Takeout Taxi then lists what the graph means and how it can benefit the client. It lists each fact by using a green checkmark. The checkmark represents something that’s been accomplished and sets a positive mood for the fact itself. A button follows this list where clients can learn even more about how Takeout Taxi can help.

Make sure you show the results and directly tell the client how you can help. This will go a long way in convincing them to use your company.

Awards Won

Convincing others you’re worth it has a lot to do with showing them your worth. Simply telling them what you can do isn’t enough when there’s a lot of competition for that client’s business.

There’s no better way to show others how good your company is than by showing off your awards.


mHelpDesk is the No. 1-rated service business management software. Although this is an impressive feat, it wouldn’t mean anything without the proof. This is why it displays the awards and five-star ratings it has received from authority figures in the management software business. It shows clients that important companies trust and validate its work.

Awards are similar to testimonials because they show others have had a great experience with your company. A positive experience is a better selling point than any statistic or promise. Show off your awards where potential clients can see them.

Don’t Hold Back

You know how good you are. Let others know you’re worth it by not holding back and showing them that not doing business with you will be a huge mistake.

Written by lexie

Lexie is a designer, writer, and coffee lover. She writes about trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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