How to disable blue ticks on WhatsApp

How to disable blue tick on whatsapp

Yes you can disable blue ticks on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mesenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without paying anything for it. It is available for the entire available phones in the market. Sending pictures, videos and text had become a child play for us. Among the many attractive features available in this program, the WhatsApp status is an attractive feature that provides the opportunity for users to share their feelings. But still there are some features which we don’t want to keep. One of which is “double blue ticks” that is shown when message is sent and received by friend.

whatsapp blue ticks

Here we are going to guide you how to disable these blue ticks in very easy steps:

1. Open WhatsApp App in your mobile device.

2. Then go to option and tap on Settings of WhatsApp.


3. There tap on Account.


4. Then choose Privacy from the given option in account.


Privacy page will be displayed. (scroll down to the bottom) Over there you will see “Read receipts” at the end. By default it will be checked.


5. To disable the function you have to uncheck the option of “Read receipts”. See screenshot below.


You are done with the process. Your messages will not show blue tick marks from now on. This feature is been introduced in updated version of WhatsApp. That is for version 2.11.476

Note: After disabling this feature neither you are able to see your sent messages have been read or not nor your friends are able to do the same with you. This is same as “hide last seen”.

Disadvantage of these ticks is that your friend will know you have read the messages and you have to reply even if you don’t want to…..

The Pros

  • Clarifies that the recipient has read all the messages
  • No more confusion for the sender.
  • One will only reply when he wants to

The Cons

  • You can’t pretend that you have not seen those messages
  • Ops, clicked on the chat by accident? Guess what you have to reply now!
  • Ignoring can take your life to another level. (causing breakups lol ;-))

Hope this helped you please share. Thanks!


Written by Sandeep Likhar

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