How to provide a robust IT foundation for your kids from their day one

How to provide a robust IT foundation for your kids from their day one

How to provide a robust IT foundation for your kids from their day one

Children’s cognitive skills develop at an astounding rate in the first few years of their life. The crucial parts of this process are learning skills like thinking, memory and attention span. As soon as a child turns 3 years of age, it’s ready to be introduced to the world of computers. This will not only boost their intellectual development, but prepare them for many jobs that require some computer skills. Now, just imagine what it will be like when intelligent computer systems and digital machines become part of their everyday adult life.

It is time for some IT

The school system is still struggling to prepare the kids for the challenges of modern times, which is why the role of the parents is crucial. Those who are prepared to invest their time and energy can teach their kids to analyze, evaluate and understand the world around them. This demands a lot of practice and training, which will provide the foundation for further learning.

Research has shown that computer experience from an early age has many developmental benefits. It affects the intelligence, manual dexterity, long-term memory, verbal and nonverbal skills. Note that this will be essential not only for their development, but for the future career opportunities. The jobs in the IT sector are one of the most desirable and well paid on the market.

Click and miss

A computer will provide concrete experience and opportunities for children to learn on their own, with their parents, or teachers. They like to explore and click on icons to see what happens next. A parent should intervene if the kid becomes frustrated or gets stuck in the process. But, don’t do everything for them, and provide only the minimum help.  Let them learn from their own mistakes and teach them to stand on their own.

As they grow, children should start with more directed activities. Math problems, language exercise, it can all prove to be invaluable for their school readiness.  Teach them how to seek out information, and interact with other people.  Check out the software appropriate for young children, and see how they like it. There are also a lot of e-lessons on English, and some of them are free.

Keep in mind that mathematics and logic are essential for kid to gain a deeper understanding and develop computer skills.  Introducing a child to basic algorithms, coding and computer languages can turn out to be a life-lasting career benefit. Playing video games is fine, but focus on those which have great educational values. Gadgets and PCs should be for learning and communicating, first and foremost.

The World of Tomorrow

Since day one, teach your kid to listen, pay attention and memorize things. Prepare it for the exciting new world of ever-changing technological landscape. Let it explore this magnificent digital world, with and without your guidance. Make your kid future-ready, because there is no telling what the tomorrow might have in store for them. One thing is quite certain, though. They should develop skills to use technology and make it work in their benefit for life.

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