How to Shortly Make Money From Your Blog: Detailed Guidance

How to Shortly Make Money From Your Blog

As many entrepreneurs are aware, the maximum potential for earning money via writing niche lies in affiliate marketing. Without deepening into complexities, you work on recommending a product or manufactured goods on your blog, and when followers appear and your affiliate link is played out, you will receive hard cash.

coins-1523383_1920Again, this is a kind of performance-based marketing, which provides a changeable income, that is, one can’t be certain how much one will make with this scheme at any given time. At this point in time, Google AdSense is earning around $700 every month. If your blog boasts decent traffic, it’s possible for you to raise good money with Google AdSense.

In fact, if you are an amateur writer and your idea of creating a personal website is all about making money, AdSense should be placed among your foremost aims. Once your AdSense project starts returning to you $10-20 daily, it will mean your idea will snap into action, therefore it’s time to start exploring other sources of investments.

Direct ads are amazing because you can use your funds sparingly by eliminating the go-between. Getting some more than $1000 per month by direct ads sales is very accessible (although I wouldn’t say as easy as pie).

The nuts and bolts of earning a living via ads are widely explained on various resources, including YouTube. You will be required by your advertisers to add a commercial page on your blog and provide all the crucial details like spaces available for announcements, ad placement, potential consumer attendance details and a marketing pitch, whatever its form may be.

The basic essentials

How do I come up with a profitable niche?

1) Use Facebook

Indubitably, you have an inkling of Facebook’s being applicable to something bigger than sharing funny pictures and planning dinners. This immense representative of social media is for certain a great tool for exploring the new profitable niches you are getting into. Here you’re able to learn valuable things about your target audience, track activities of your business rivals, find a sweet spot to accommodate, and all that.


How to use a Facebook page to learn about your target social group?

Obviously, to dive into exploration on Facebook you are required to have a personal page. Use your profile to search for your potential audience and consumers for announcements on your blog. Investigate these users’ profiles paying attention to their individual characteristics (male or female, their locations, age, social status, personal interests, etc).

Are Facebook Suggestions applicable to finding rivals?

You’ll need to go to Insights > Overview > Pages to Watch. There, users can find, examine, and compare analogous pages suggested by the service. Spend some time glancing over popular and most liked posts published on these profiles.

2) Make sure you fully comprehend the main principle of keyword search.

What defines the number of keyword searches?

It would be splendid to work with words and expressions that show 6,000 searches per day, or even 600 searches a day, but in fact, these common search phrases make up even less than 25% of all the searches online. The remaining 75% represent what’s received the name of the “long tail” of search.

What makes the long tails preferable before shorter phrases?

Search marketing has much widened its knowledge for the last decade and one of the priceless pearls of wisdom reads that long tail keywords primarily convert more effectively. The explanation is plain and simple: those key-phrases catch shoppers in the purchasing/conversion cycle. A lurker searching for “oak table” is, most likely, just surfing and not into a buying mood. Contrariwise, a person looking for “oak table sales Ontario” apparently has set his or her mind on buying furniture.

Is registering a domain a trouble?

The best method is to start looking at GoDaddy or NameCheap. The latter is more economical in most cases but the former domain registrar is very widely acknowledged, thus choose what is to your liking.

How to arrange web-hosting in the most trustworthy way?

Most bloggers if asked would opt for iPage almost on the hoof. This is for certain the top pick when it comes to inexpensive, reliable, and uncomplicated hosting. However, should you be willing to invest a little extra money, InMotion Hosting together with SiteGround come in the forefront.

How many funds do I need for my blog?

A .com domain will come to about $10 – $15 yearly. Get prepared to outlay $50 on a yearly basis for iPage, whilst the standard hosting plan of InMotion will cost you $4.49 per month. Finally, SiteGround GrowBig costs a tidy sum for a beginning blogger: roughly $7.95 per month. Overall, you’d better have in your wallet from $60 to $120 for one year of happy blogging.

The only thing you need in plenty is Action

However well you write and research, nothing can outplay the fact that results come from action. You must ceaselessly seek after prospects in the products you use. Track down literally everything that relates to your business: opportunities from software to parallel sales will be marvelous for affiliate revenue.


Take care to sign up for the programs of each product with an affiliate page. Then proceed to creating content. Here’re suggestions you might find usable:

  • Put on paper the detail of how you use the product. Does it help make your work more efficient? Is there any use of it for SEO? Is there a way it could help you get in touch with influential bloggers?
  • Go viral: write a tutorial that demonstrates to your readers how to attain to the same results using that product.
  • Provide the link to the product and make sure you left your unique footprints.
  • Support that content of yours by telling about its benefits to your audience; make it more accessible to public and associates.
  • Take into consideration that you’re transmitting to the readers useful info for free and earning money in response.

Having started a blog, many newbies fail – mostly because they aren’t prepared for backbreaking work. Reading advice and getting consultancies can do as much as show you the path. To become successful, you will need to work your fingers to the bone.

Written by Christine Allen

Christine Allen is young writer and blogger at She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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