The Importance of Maintaining Your Website – Top 4 Reasons

Having a website is definitely not just a neat addition to your internet presence – it is an absolutely obligatory part of it! For some reason, however, many startups that get why they need to have a website don’t seem to realize the importance of keeping it properly maintained. With this in mind, we’ve outlined four reasons why keeping your online presentation fresh and alive is of the absolute essence.

Social media is not enough

Most businesspersons are extremely active on social media websites – they’ve got their pages running tip-top. Of course, this is very much vital for your business – social media is the place where you can interact with your audience. It is a place where your customers and clients can see you as a human being and where you can gather all the relevant data and customer experience info first-hand. For this reason, many young entrepreneurs disregard their business’s need for a proper online presentation.

However, as a businessperson, you should know that distributing content to your follower base is what will keep them hooked to your brand and no one likes the idea of reading an article that’s written as a Facebook post.


Speaking of articles, the goal of a properly maintained website is to help you rank well on the search engine results pages (SERPs). In order to achieve this, you’re going to need to keep your internet presentation alive by means of some type of blogging, such as text, photo, video and social media maintenance. The point here is that you need to provide people who visit your website with content that’s both unique, useful and interesting! This is where the social media plays its key role – in order to efficiently spread the content around, you need to connect with the online community! The real reason behind this is that just as not having a website is bad, not having social media representation is, well, just weird! Websites and social media go hand-in-hand – they should be connected and supporting each other!

A dead website means a dying business

Perhaps the only thing worse than not having a website is having a badly-conceived, stagnating one. Just as the fact that having a great-looking, regularly-updated internet presentation speaks a whole lot about you “meaning business”, an unseemly website that was last updated in 2015 speaks a lot about your lack of professionalism and dedication. A dead website somehow gives off the vibe that you are no longer in business, which is the last thing you want to happen!

Design responsiveness is vital for customer experience

Even if you update your website regularly, keep it connected to your social media pages and regularly provide the visitors with useful content, without an appealing appearance, they will be turned away. This has got to do with aesthetics, just as much as with practicality and cross-platform ease of access; in two words: design responsiveness.

However, design responsiveness isn’t something that you should take on by yourself. Properly looking after and optimizing your website isn’t easy – it takes knowledge, experience and time. This is why hiring experts who specialize in website management can go a long way in helping you with online visitor retention, which is of the absolute essence!

Today, the world of business remains heavily integrated with the online world – without diligently covering every single aspect of website maintenance, you are already falling behind your competition. You need to realize that the connection between social media and your own website is extremely important, but also that a dead, poorly-designed website is nowhere near appropriate for user/customer/client retention. Hiring the experts for web maintenance is always a good investment.

Written by IslaWright

Isla is a psychology professor and tech enthusiast.
She is a well published blogger and editor at Technivorz.

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