Important Dumb SEO Tactics to Make Your Site Penalized

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In the modern world, every business person pays close attention to SEO strategy, if you are the website owners then follow the below steps to make your website personalized.

Link To Homepage

It is a very important thing; you just make your website links into your backlink strategy.  You need to do this thing in the right way. Widely people also believe that acquiring more links to the homepage will help to improve website rank.

But the truth behind the process is Google doesn’t rank your websites alternatively it only lists the respective pages. For this, you need to post quality content and short descriptions related to the business on your website and not the homepage. Link the homepage to keyword because the homepage links are relevant.

Link farms

A link farm is important for the purpose of creating backlinks to the respective sites. These are also designed with the use of free platforms like WordPress, and they have no value. A link wheel is important when a marketer links to a money article from different sites.

Also, the articles linking to the money site also linked from other articles at the same time it is linked to the money site. SEO specialists have the ability to use the link wheels without incorporating link farms. It is one of the most effective methods of backlinking at the same time it will occur naturally with the high-quality content.

If the SEO provider can acquire a backlink for your site, then you will ask if they own the property where the link originates. Alternatively, they use link wheels, and then you just ask them if they are using link farms in white-hat link wheel tactics.

Link from penalized websites

First ask your SEO provider how to acquire links from the valuable site. After that, it is important to ask how it vetted that site.  You need to get links from the sites that are trusted by Google but not penalized. But you just ask SEO provider to understand which sites to acquire links from. If the company uses following sites including Pixelgroove or Moz.

Point out that although penalty checkers that can offer a good indication of a penalty and the notification of manual actions provided to the webmasters through Google Webmaster Tools. If you want to vet before moving forward, you just list of websites for link acquisition.

Buying links

The SEO landscape is always experiencing constant changes so it is always increasingly difficult to know what to do and not to do.  Different methods available to cover that will likely get you website penalized.

Always check with your provider at the same time you must make sure they are acquiring links for you by using the white-hat methods that also includes incorporating link diversity techniques.

Any method or technique that uses link buying should be discontinued. In the every changing SEO landscape it is important to make some factors to get popularity, and these are important to make your website personalized.

Written by Sagar Mandan

Sagar Mandan is HR of He spends lots of time in writing. Apart from his profession he loves travelling and take cares about his fitness.

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