Important Facts You Must Know While Purchasing Expired Domains

Important Facts You Must Know While Purchasing Expired Domains

You may have noticed that many people are trying to establish their new business by getting engaged in the business of domain flipping. The main reason for more and more people taking an interest in this trade is because it is a fairly easy business to do.  Whenever you browse through FB’s Buy & Sell group, you would notice several individuals offering PR2 and PR3 domains while many others were interested in purchasing expired domains. There is absolutely no doubt that this happens to be a very easy and profitable business. You could locate some good domains and thereafter, you could consider flipping them at a good profit. If you could sell around four to five domains every week, you could earn as much as $ 200 to $ 500 every month. If you are interested in starting a domain flipping business, here are a few important facts about this line of work, you must know before you take the final plunge.

Purchasing Expired Domains

An expired domain is actually a domain that we do not renew. There are several people who often do not remember to renew their domains or sometimes, some people do not have the necessary money to renew their domains again. In such cases, the domain registrar would be allowing a month extension for renewing the domain. Suppose you have failed to renew a domain within the stipulated 30 days extension period, your domain would then be referred to as an expired domain. The domain registrar would be then bidding for that particular domain. Bidding would carry on for 7 days and after that period the domain would be given away to the highest bidder. Using this process, you could continue grabbing quite a few good domains. You could put up the expired domains for sale and start a profitable business.

Remember to Check PA/DA of Domain before Purchasing It

Thousands of domains are expiring every day and you could come across them on sites such as Expired Domain, Moonsy, PR Drop and other such sites. You could find here deleted or expired domains. DA is domain authority and PA is page authority and these two are extremely important factors that determine the quality of a live website or an expired domain. PA and DA have been launched by Moz and you could explore them on Open Site Explorer. If you are purchasing an expired domain then you must always make it a point to examine both of them. You could try grabbing a domain having DA 25+.

You Must Check Domain Using Google Banned Checker

You might locate a high DA, PA, and extremely good looking domain. However, this could be of no use if it has already been banned by Google from search engines. Remember always to confirm with Google banned checker and be 100 % sure that it has not been banned by Google. If you think that the domain is really very good and you still wish to purchase it, even though it has been banned, you could consider using Google reconsideration request. Simply request Google to un-ban the domain.

Look for Google AdSense Ban

You would be finding hundreds of domains which had expired and also happen to be Google AdSense banned. If you are considering building a website basically on an expired domain, this should actually be your very first step forward before purchasing any domain. This is precisely because your ultimate objective in purchasing a domain is minting money online and in case the domain is already banned then it could be of absolutely no use for you. AdSense Sandbox Checker could be used for finding AdSense ban.

Check Website Archive

If you are about to buy any expired domain and wish to see what type of website was functioning before the domain had expired, you simply would need to go to the archive. Then insert your domain URL. Then click on a button called Take Me Back. A timeline graph would appear there. Click on any specific year and see for yourself how the website looked then.


Always keep the above facts in mind before purchasing any expired domain. Remember to check the PageRank with a lot of care. Most of these expired domains generally have been manipulating page ranks. Beware of getting caught in a trap. Always consider checking domains with a few reliable and effective verification tools such as PR Checker.

Written by Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones has been in the domain flipping business for about a year now. She is pretty thrilled with his experience so far. She has recently taken to blogging and is pleased to share some important information and tips. She advises his readers to put up the expired domains for sale and start a profitable business.

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