Here Are the Most Important Facts You Need to Know about Data Recovery

Data loss can happen to anyone unexpectedly, whether you’re on your personal computer, work station at the office, or on a computer at your business premises. We’ve all faced this problem at one time or another and in many cases, it can be disastrous.

Big data has gained a lot of prominence in the business world. Managing all the available data is becoming an increasingly difficult and complex affair as the volume of data from individuals and businesses continues to grow.

For decades, physical on-site disks have been the primary form of storage and we’re all aware of the importance of backing up data. However, data management systems are not 100 percent reliable and you may suddenly lose all the information important to your business.

Unless the right technology and skills are available, the likelihood of recovering your lost data is indeed low. There is a wide of variety of tools available and they produce different results. For example, programs that are used to recover images might not be effective for recovering other types of files. Often, it is only skilled and experienced specialists who are able to recover lost data.

Common causes of data loss

The program and means of recovering data depends on how the data was lost. Causes of data loss include:

  • Corrupted software – Software failure can result in complete loss of data. Software defaults are critical because they typically go undetected for a long time, until it is too late.
  • Malfunctioning hardware – All hardware items are susceptible to faults. Proper maintenance and early detection reduces of the chances of data loss due to malfunctioning hardware.
  • Computer viruses – Insufficient protection using anti-virus software and firewall is a common reason for data loss due to computer viruses. However, some viruses can still infiltrate these security systems and destroy both your data and operating system.
  • Human error – Negligence by humans is the most common cause of data loss. Accidental deletion of data and improper shutdown and boot procedures are two frequent cases.

Data recovery

In the event that data loss occurs because of failure of the same hard drive you use to boot your system, do not attempt to boot your system until specialists that offer data recovery New York services have resolved the issue. Rebooting your system from a failed hard drive will result in unresolvable damage to your data.

Generally, it is not advisable to try recovering the data yourself in cases of a failed hard drive or bad sectors. However, if the problem is caused by corrupted software, using software tools to recover your data is fine. Numerous software are available in the market. To avoid overwriting, make sure you save your files to an external drive as you recover them.

As a rule, never try to open the hard drive. Opening a hard drive in an unsterilized environment will ruin the magnets, causing irreparable damage to your data. Generally, if your business faces data loss, calling in professional data specialists will be among the wisest business decisions you will ever make.

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