How to Increase Your Sales Due to the Teamwork

You can find range of articles in the Internet about praising or disliking the concept of teamwork but it is an undeniable fact that with its advantages you can fascinatingly increase your sales in three or less weeks. If you are a beginner employer and one of your main issues in your start up is intensifying your team’s work, making your team members to know each other and the main purpose of your business better; then teamwork is the best solution for you. As it has Mattie Stepanek:

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

The main 4 advantages of teamwork

 Increasing Productiveness

During individual work process employees’ job mainly forms in their minds and the only phase when their result becomes visible for others is the final phase. Whereas, during the teamwork, every sentence pronounced by an employee becomes a new theme for discussion. Eventually, these deliberate brainstorms bring more and more creative ideas than one could ever came up during individual work.

Faster and Better Solutions

“When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.”

Russel Honore

Maybe it is much easier to concentrate on familiar tasks during the individual work but it is always not comfortable staying alone with bunch of problems. In fact, this work eventually turns into stopover. You would not deny the fact that it is much easier solving problems with college who might had faced the same problem in the past. This process causes creative solutions that can easily become sources of profit in future.

“Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.”

Brian Tracy

Enhancing Viewpoints


Teamwork is the most preferable way of working for new employees in order to know each other better. Every member in the team might has radically different viewpoints about the same topic and unique way of thinking in general. Thus, they can learn from each other even if their specializations do not coincide. That means, one more plus to the productivity of the startup!

 Enhancing Communication Skills

Communications among team members creates the most realistic perspectives to communications with business partners in future. Teamwork would give to your employees all the needed skills to communicate with others in the most efficient and respectful way. As we live in the century when the most beneficial way of marketing is the social one through all the social medias and social accounts in the Internet; these skills would bring up to you the biggest percentage of your profit.

If I told you only advantages of this concept with no word about shortcomings you would rather not believe me and all the bloggers’ articles you see in the internet.

The Possible 3 Disadvantages and Their Solutions

Possible Conflicts

One of the most possible shortcomings of group-work are conflicts during discussions because of different viewpoints or just because of antipathy among the employees. In this case the major role in solving this problem is up to you. As you are the only employer of the project you can easily solve all the conflicts. Firstly, you would find the exact problem that brought the team members to conflict. In every team might be members who are extremely irresponsible and are letting down others. It is useful to detect them and find the best solution for them. And of course, it is always recommended to raise the concept of friendliness in the team with motivational speeches and carefully chosen tasks.

Failed Meetings

Teamwork requires several meetings and if made them correctly you would face with all of the highlighted advantages and increase your sales at third meeting. But if they are not managed in the right ways and the main message of meeting fails because the members are not discussing the topics talking to the point, then it may appear one of the worst shortcomings in the teamwork. That is why, you would always be “awake” during the work process and even at leisure time to find out new and interesting methods of making the meetings more useful and coherent ones.

Time Consuming Process

Despite the fact that teamwork is one of the most efficient ways of finding solutions to the already existing problems, it may occur another problem – the time consuming process of finding solutions. It is always interesting to discuss familiar topics with the ones who know the value of it. But sometimes it may take too long to talk about them and that is how the teamwork might lose its usefulness. Whether, in the alternative story it might become a very strong discussion with no solutions coinciding. In this case, it is also up to you to make the strongest decision or give the eventual dot.

By the way, I have got a useful clue for those who want to increase the sales due to his/her employees’ teamwork.

It is time to make the social audit and include all the employees in by giving some tasks about social marketing. One team can complete all the marketing steps related to the Facebook and the other one do their best with LinkedIn and so on. All you need to do is creating some iframe popups in your own web page to link all the social media accounts of yours. By just holding or clicking to the social media icons people will be redirected to your accounts. Simple, isn’t it?

Eventually, last but not least, you would rather always keep that “teamwork-spirit” among your employees!

Firstly, you can do it by creating a sweet home atmosphere in the office. No employee is busy if there is one who needs help. And secondly, it is always easy to keep that spirit by considering yourself as one of them with not making any difference among them and you. The clue of successful marketing is more than obvious one. It is about making from group of employees a second family who are always ready to give the essential solution, help whenever one needs it!

Written by borisharutyunyan

Blogger in Sygnoos Company

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