The Indispensable Attributes of a Web Developer !

A developer is a person who brings in life to the static images and ideas that are doing the rounds waiting to be functional on the technical platter. We have the WordPress developers who provide services that require the knowledge of WordPress tools, AngularJS developers who are expert in providing the best AngularJS service and the list of developers are endless just like the tools and frameworks available in the market. Many developers have their own field of expertise. They will be having a knowledge of all the programming languages and software but chooses to specialize in one or a few selected languages and tools.

The developers can very well be segregated to back-end developers, front-end developers, iOS developers and android developers where these can be further classified into developers who are expert in software, application tools, scripting languages and the list is endless. Speaking about AngularJS service, it is an obvious fact that an AngularJS expert will be able to deliver services that coordinate the AngularJS framework. Same is the case with WordPress, one of the most popular content management tool. The person expert with WordPress would be having the keys that unlock the world of perfection and superior quality services.

Whenever a company looks out to hire a developer there are certain criteria that the developer is expected to fit in before becoming a part of the company. Every company has their set of requirements and expectations when it comes to hiring a foolproof web developer. Let us have a look at some of the essential qualities that cannot be given a miss when it comes to selecting an ideal web developer. We have them all streamlined into paragraphs for better understanding.

Things to be considered before hiring an efficient web developer:

1. Technical know how:

A web developer should have an extended knowledge of his domain subject. He should be able to keep pace with the ever updating and advancing technology and technical skills. He should know the in and out of the software or the framework that he is expected to work in so that he can give his all when it comes to services. It is good to have a little knowledge about the domain other than his expertise.

2. A great coder:

A developer is known for his coding skills and this to a large extent helps in framing up his personality. A developer’s first love should be the codes that he plays with day and night to create some of the most exciting and exuberant web applications and solutions.

3. Communication skills:

Communicating does not include only transmitting thoughts and ideas it should also include the ability to make the other person understand and be understood. The developer should be able to communicate his thoughts and ideas so fluently that there should be no space for a miscommunication. An empathetic nature rather than showing sympathy would be more than appreciated as it will help in getting things understood quite effortlessly.

4. Willingness to work:

A person who has an amplitude of knowledge and understanding but does not possess the zeal and enthusiasm to work is of negligible value. A web developer should be earnest and keen enough to execute and get things done. The willingness to work is the driving force that leads a person to work tirelessly and achieve some of the greatest results.

5. Experience:

Experience plays an important role in adding to the credentials of a web developer. We often look up to someone who is more experienced in life as they are believed to know more than the rest of the people. An experience in the technical field too yields results that are far more than deserving. Look for an experienced web developer as he can contribute to the quality of the work and if there is any problem he would be ready with an answer as he is experienced.

6. Essential qualities to excel:

Apart from the technical qualities, the developer should also possess some of the personal qualities that sum up his personality. A person’s personality plays an important role in accomplishing some of the unbaked tasks. It not only affects his performance but also the performance of the company as a whole. Some of the personal qualities that needs to be taken into consideration before hiring a web developer are precision, patience, discipline and the curiosity to learn new things. All these qualities add to the personal traits of a developer that eventually makes him the most sought after candidate.

Written by Shubham Tiwari

Shubham is a highly motivated digital marketing consultant and a pro blogger by heart. He loves writing about web promotions, mobile marketing, e-commerce solutions and so on. With his skills, knowledge and go-getter attitude, he helped 100+ domains to grow online.

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