Innovative Technologies that Will Make for a Safer Driving Experience

Innovative Technologies that Will Make for a Safer Driving Experience

The more advanced the vehicles of the future become, the more the safety technology has to follow in suit. While some of these technologies are to be expected and merely advancements of current-gen tech, others are completely innovative ways of insuring road safety. The future of vehicle safety rests its inception with current technology, everything else is just a thing of speculation. We have come up with this article in order to help you realize what technologies, in terms of car safety, are available on the market right now. Without a doubt, none of these will do anything but make your presence on the road a safer, more relaxing experience.

Cars that Drive on Their Own

Cars that Drive on Their Own

If you’ve ever read Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report”, or have seen Spielberg’s adaptation of the short story bearing the same name, chances are that you remember the scene with automated cars, operating on multi-levelled highways. Now, why this might be far away from becoming a regular thing in traffic, the idea of a self-driving car doesn’t owe its existence to the mentioned novelist. You might not be aware of it, but Google engineers have already began testing this technology on more than 200,000 miles, throughout California and Nevada. These inventions of one of the world’s largest corporations (if not the very largest) are capable of viewing road signs and finding alternative routes, in addition to recognizing traffic lights and recording images on the road. These cars can analyze and then process information significantly faster than any human possibly could. The cars work by means of learning the details of a road by driving on it several times, archiving the transferable data for the next level of prototype models. Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of science fiction.

Augmented Reality

A large number of car accidents occurs due to temporary lack of attention. However, although these lapses in judgement are mostly mobile phone-based, some actually occur due to things such as speedometers and GPS navigation devices. The idea of augmented reality dashboards is looking to provide a safer driving experience, allowing the driver not to turn their gaze from the windscreen almost never. This technology is already being applied to some modern vehicles and is looking to become a thing of regularity in the not-so-distant future. Windshield displays can work by showing all the basic information, such as car speed and fluid levels, but can also work as a perfect navigation systems, literally outlining where to drive in order to reach a certain destination.


A huge factor in preventing car accidents – which is a category way above preventing death and injury in accidents, is analyzing those accidents that have previously occurred. Most modern cars are looking to be equipped with cameras that record what is happening in front, as well as around a vehicle. The idea behind the action camera stems from the technology that’s been around for quite some time now – every police cruiser in the U.S. already comes equipped to serve as court-admissible evidence of what is going on roadside. These action cameras can be used to calculate all the risk factors in coming up with future ways of tackling the possibility of accidents occurring in the first place.

Outside Airbags

Although the best way to remain safe is by preventing an accident, death and injury prevention is the very goal of the car safety technologies. Regular airbags have greatly dwindled the annual number of roadside accidents since their introduction, which is why the idea of outside airbags is not only something well worth investing in, but also a thing already applied to some modern vehicles

Although some of these technologies are nowhere near becoming a thing of regularity, most of them are already being tested and have a bright future ahead. At the very least, keep these in mind, once you decide to go browsing for a new car.

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