How to Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins are useful tools which provide additional functionality to your application. There are thousands of plug-ins that you can freely obtain on the web. Just search the web with the specific area that you needed with the ‘WordPress plug-in’. Or else you can directly look at the WordPress plug-in directory.

Sometime you may never know what you wanted. Just navigate through little bit and find out would that plug-in make your website a better place. Even you doesn’t know what’s in there, experiencing it doesn’t make you any cost. You can always deactivate what you activated without make much trouble.

Plugins can extend a WordPress website to do almost anything you can imagine. In the directory you can find, download, rate, and comment on all the best plugins the WordPress community has to offer.

When you find a suitable plug-in what you like to have on your website, you can download it to your computer. It’s a zip file. Then go to your WordPress admin panel and click the Plugins tab describes by the step 1. Then follow the step 2. You can search a plug-in from here too. If you know the plug-in you wanted, then this is the best place, without going through that much trouble and you do not need to follow the other steps. Anyway if you have that zip file, then follow the step 3. And then choose the zip file to upload into the WordPress site.

plugins menu

After a successful upload, your plug-in will be activated and displayed on your plug-ins list. Just check and see whether the uploaded plugin do what you wanted. If doesn’t you can simply deactivate it.

Generally the Plugin installation is a straight-forward process. In most cases it is enough to upload the plugin under the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory for the WordPress installation and activate it from the administrator backend. Still always bear in mind that not all plugins are easy to install, so always refer to their documentation and installation instructions first.


So install plugins as much as you can and have fun!!!

Written by Sandeep Likhar

Sandeep Likhar is from India, where he is a blogger, eBook designer, and founder of LetsDnD. He has 6 years of experience in the industry as a Digital Publishing Expert and eBook Converter, providing services to authors, publishers, and distributors worldwide. He is proficient in converting books into various formats, such as HTML, epub, mobi, word, PDF, including all major online platforms like iTunes, Kobo, Kindle, CreateSpace, B&N, Smashwords, and more.

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