James Bond 007 NightFire Full Gameplay

James Bond 007 NightFire

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This section provides a complete walkthrough for James Bond 007 NightFire.


Press ‘F5’ to Quick Save game while playing.
Press the ‘TAB’ key to display objectives and hints.
Press ‘E’ to grab any object and open doors.
Press ‘G’ to switch to your gadget ring.
Use your mouse wheel to cycle between gadgets.
Press ‘F’ to activate your Q-Specs.
Press ‘T’ to drop your selected gun.

James Bond 007 NightFire all mission below:

Mission 1: Rendezvous

1) Breach the security perimeter of Drake’s castle
2) Enter Drake’s castle and infiltrate the party
3) Rendezvous with CIA agent, maintain party guest cover
4) Acquire your Q-Gadgets from the undercover waiter
5) Mayhew’s female bodyguard is in attendance – photograph every woman
6) Recover the stolen briefcase containing the guidance module
7) Rescue Agent Nightshade and escape the castle with the guidance module

Mission 2: Airfield Ambush

1) Avoid security detection
2) Disable the security searchlights
3) Subdue the investigating guard to obtain a Level 1 Security Pass Key
4) Infiltrate the Flight Control Tower
5) Enter the Main Control Room of the Flight Control Tower
6) Subdue or eliminate the tower personnel using any means necessary
7) Destroy the flight control tower communication and radar consoles
8) Obtain a sniper rifle and cover Agent Nightshade in the Freight Yard
9) Determine the status of the aircraft in the Secondary Aircraft Hangar
10) Reach the Radar Tower vantage point eliminating any enemy resistance
11) Protect Agent Nightshade as she prepares the aircraft for take off
12) Protect the taxiing aircraft piloted by Agent Nightshade
13) Escape in the aircraft

Mission 3: Uninvited Guests

1) Escort Mayhew tthe hidden bunker
2) Destroy the computer in Mayhew’s office
3) Retrieve the code key from the bedroom safe
4) Rescue the hostage in the Front Carpark
5) Rescue the hostage in the Bathhouse
6) Rescue the hostage in the Main Garden Viewing Pavilion
7) Rescue the hostage in the Library
8) Rescue the hostage in the Servant Quarters
9) Return to Mayhew in the Bunker
10) Eliminate Yakuza Assassin

Mission 4: Phoenix Rising

1) Remain undetected
2) Steal the NightFire data from the Terminal Computer
3) Activate main tower elevators
4) Upload Q-Worm to Administrator’s Computer
5) Upload Q-Worm to Accounting Executive’s computer
6) Upload Q-Worm to Elevator Control Computer
7) Use magnetic grapples to scale glass surface of building
8) Upload Q-Worm to Mayhew’s computer
9) Bug Executive Meeting Room
10) Bug Drake’s Penthouse Office

Mission 5: Hidden Agenda

1) Locate and defeat Rook
2) Restore power to the service elevator
3) Gain access to the astronaut training facility
4) Take the service elevator to the basement
5) Disengage the security locks to the control rooms
6) Activate the turbines to drain the airlock
7) Drain water from the airlock
8) Acquire the space suit

Mission 6: High Treason

1) Destroy the Phoenix Transport Vans
2) Escape the tower alive
3) Cripple the Phoenix computer network
4) Destroy the servers in the server room
5) Destroy the servers on the accounting floor
6) Find and acquire the explosive charges

Mission 7: Island Getaway

1) Find and rescue Alura
2) Gain entry into the caves
3) Gain entry into the island base
4) Locate and acquire explosives
5) Place explosives beneath missile gantry
6) Plant Q-Worm into missile launch computer
7) Locate electronic counter measure (ECM) buildings
8) Disable all electronic counter measures (ECM)
9) Reach Drake’s island base
10) Plant explosives on all bridge supports

Mission 8: Zero Minus

1) Breach the security perimeter of missile decommissioning facility
2) Obtain photographic evidence of missile reassembly
3) Disable active missile silos
4) Find and capture Drake
5) Infiltrate Shuttle Bay
6) Escape From Blast Pit
7) Stop Kiko from Boarding the Shuttle

Mission 9: Re-entry

1) Find and disarm nuclear missiles
2) Disarm Missile 1
3) Disarm Missile 2
4) Disarm Missile 3
5) Disarm Missile 4
6) Find and eliminate Drake
7) Find escape pod

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