Kindle Conversion (.mobi)

kindle conversion (mobi format)

MOBI is one of the leading eBook formats based on the open eBook specifications. It is loosely based on HTML 3.2 and includes some unique formatting requirements. Amazon bought MOBI in April 2005. The Amazon Kindle’s AZW format is actually the MOBI format with a slightly different serial number scheme. With Amazon’s Kindle becoming so popular, use of MOBI/Kindle ebook format for ebook publishing is increasing day by day.

We provide the complete cycle of services from MOBI/Kindle formatting to conversion to publishing.

This includes:

  • PDF to MOBI/Kindle
  • Word to MOBI/Kindle
  • HTML to MOBI/Kindle
  • TXT to MOBI/Kindle
  • ePub to MOBI/Kindle
  • InDesign to MOBI/Kindle
  • Printed Books, materials, hard copy to MOBI/Kindle
  • Scanned documents to MOBI/Kindle
  • XML to MOBI/Kindle
  • QuarkXPress to MOBI/Kindle

We accept files in all source formats and convert the same into the MOBI/Kindle format. We can also convert your hardcopy books, magazines, novels, encyclopedias into Mobipocket eBooks. Once a file is converted into the MOBI format we check the converted books for cross platform compatibility.

The final copy is forwarded to the client for reviewing. In case, the client wants some sort of corrections to be made, our team ensures that the needful is done as soon as possible to the satisfaction of the client. Our Kindle eBook conversion process is prompt and extremely cost-effective.