Latest Scala Version 2.12 Easy Upgrade in Java 8 Available with All New Features

Programming language plays an important role in any application or software. There are so many programming languages available with Scala version 2.12 being the latest. Scala has so many new attributes of functional programming such as scheme, Haskell, and Standard ML. With Scala version 2.12 now supports Java 8 is the talk of the town.

The developers all over the world are quite excited with this development. Computing platforms such as Java J2ee development is one of the many platforms which can be benefited from this development.

The allies of Scala version 2.12 and Java 8 have made functional codes simpler for the developers. The upgraded version also helps in release codes in more efficient manner and helping optimum routine use of Java 8 attributes. It was recently declared that Scala version 2.12 will only support and run with Java 8. Scala version 2.12 is especially meant for Java 8. Programming done on Scala 2.12 will only be implemented on Java 8 only.

With success of Scala 2.12 there are some issues that developers face when it is used.

Some of the major issues are as under:

  • Untrusted Data Entry: One of the most common issues which occur using Scala is it automatically does deserialization of data which can be highly untrusted. This may lead to unwanted paths and faulty operations.
  • Use in Internet Explorer: While using IE, drags and drops of media aren’t sustained however it can be changed with the command Media upload dialog under New > Media upload so that it can run fluently in internet explorer. Another flaw when IE is used is that View API documentation screen often becomes very slow and lagging resulting into loss of time.
  • Proxy Server Settings: Web clip command do usually works with proxy server settings in MS Windows but fails to support retrieving content which is must for proxy server settings.

Apart from some issues there are also some important features that are added in Scala version 2.12:

  • Scala Compiler: The Scala compiler produces lambdas exactly like Java 8. The only and the slight differences are in functional interface.
  • Support Interface Traits: Scala 2.12 can interface traits which can easily be compiled to Java interface. This allows and helps in interop and binary compatibility.
  • Supportive Back End: Having a supportive back end is very important in any programming language and Scala 2.12 version is blessed with highly supportive back end that is Encode. This feature makes Scala version 2.12 to produce codes on fast speed without interruptions.

It is of no doubt that the revamped version of Scala 2.12 is a revolutionary change in programming language which still needs some modifications as per time passes. With emergence of Scala 2.12 and support of Java 8 computing platforms like Java J2ee development can further be enhanced and made easier.

The developers still find some glitches while using Scala 2.12 version but in the field of computer technology which changes so rapidly one can imagine that each programming language, programming tool or software etc. will be replaced by new versions.

Written by James Warner

James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at NexSoftsys. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, iOS, Magento and Android.

His broad technology knowledge inspire him to face complicated projects. He is working with Healthcare industries, Telecommunications, Banking and finance IT sector to produce high security and user friendly business system.

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