Magento: A Prospective Platform for Your eCommerce Business

So you have decided to make your own eCommerce store. But have you decided what platform should you go with? Of all the eCommerce-shopping platforms that are being use presently, Magento is said to be the most suitable. It includes every single vital component that an eCommerce website would need for guaranteed success.

Before continuing ahead, there are some essential components for your business. And these include:

  • Cost Factor
  • Business-driven Features
  • Quality Video Integration
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Widespread public acceptance
  • Search Engine Optimization

To set up a successful e-commerce business there are some elements that you will need. Imagine, how easy it would be if you get all of them in one platform?  Is it possible? Yes, Magento is such a platform that includes all the required features. It will take your eCommerce site ahead of your rivals in the market.

ECommerce field is developing rapidly. There is high competition in eCommerce domain and every development company wants to integrate the essential features into their website so as to provide their services efficiently. However, the efficiency of a web-based shopping site directly depends upon the development platforms chosen.

Let us talk about the features of Magento and how they can help you in the business.

1. Cost Factor

Magento comes with two editions one is Enterprise and second is Community edition.  The Enterprise edition is paid while community edition is free of cost and includes many features.

Additionally, there are free extensions available for example, one step checkout, social logins, Fooman Google Analytics and Magento WordPress integration. By incorporating such extensions you can attract your clients effortlessly.

2. Business Driven

Magento is an adaptable and powerful platform. One of the greatest benefits of Magento platform and Magento development administrations is that in future if you need to change your store into a multivendor marketplace then that can be done very easily.

3. Ease of Use

Magento is an open source and customizable platform. Developers can customize it to meet the different necessities of organizations in the industry. Consequently, Magento allows custom web development, so you can change or alter the things as you need on your site. Or, on the other hand, you can hire Magento developers for the best outcomes at minimal cost.

4. Secure and SEO Friendly

Magento is a secure and SEO friendly platform. It supports exchange on SSL layer and hence, protects your customer’s credential from hackers as well as secures the site against DDOS attacks and spoofing. Magento websites usually rank higher in search engine results because they contain every feature and required structure which results in high rankings. As a result, with higher rankings, the site can expect greater exposure and desired profits in business and surely new technologies take development a step ahead.

Regardless of size, making an online store in Magento is the quickest approach to get more customers and profit in online business.

5. Admin Friendliness

Once Magento development is done, you will not require any help or assistance from developers. To save your precious time, Magento includes various instrumental options for admin backend. In Magento admin has the alternative to upload simple, virtual, downloadable, configurable items, erase items in bulk.

Further admin can also add deep information for the products like images, text, descriptions of products etc.

6. Video Integration

With the help of most recent version Magento 2, you just need to incorporate the video’s link, title and a short description that brings video on the main page. A Magento platform can also easily integrate with the mobile app to give buyers the best shopping experience anytime and from anyplace.

So, Magento is where you will get all that you need in your eCommerce website design.

Final Words: Shopify Vs Magento

Shopify is a decent alternative if you are just beginning in eCommerce business and not able to understand much about eCommerce technology. With Shopify, you can simply concentrate on promoting and retailing and leave the technology part to the Shopify people. This approach functions admirably for some. If you are one of them, Shopify is also a good option.

However, if you are confident about the technology part and wants to grow your business more and more or worldwide, Magento is the right choice for you. It has inbuilt support for multiple currency and languages. These websites also support multiple payment methods. It would require a one-time investment on server infrastructure and store development. You can rely on an experience web application development company to help you further with this Shopify vs. Magento dilemma.

Written by Anu Thakur

Anu Thakur is a content writer, mobility strategist and blogger who write on latest technology and business-related topics. At present, she is working with Cerebrum Infotech, a leading outsource mobile app Development Company.

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