Maintain WordPress Site, Retain Your Web Presence

Maintain Your WordPress Site and You Won’t Have To Spend Anything

If having a web presence has become an all too pressing concern, you can start a WordPress Site. Using online WordPress website development service is the easiest way to carry your voice and words across the globe. The digital information highway carries your influences and concerns across borders in real time. Setting up a WordPress website takes hardly 5 minutes. This is what makes you choose it. However, maintaining it can be tedious as well as setting up yourself for a future shock. The web life has all the dangers, and then much more, of real life. Hackers cause loss of any or all data suddenly.

Design a WordPress website

If you know essential WordPress maintenance tips, you will not have to get over an unwanted shock and begin from scratch. These incredible tips generate awareness of good online habits that prevent having to spend unnecessarily.

#1. Backup files and databases

Once you go live with your blog, you start getting your social share, blog comments and back links from other blogs. You create new pages as you continue blogging posts.

Then the bombshell drops. Your content has disappeared. Suppose you delete a file from your theme core files by mistake. You stand to lose all data and no further access to your web presence.

Solution: Design a WordPress website but BACKUP REGULARLY.

You need to back up your whole WordPress sites including blog content, comments and databases. This makes for simple and quick restore. You can do this by hosting your site on high performance hosting sites like WP Engine or using backup plugins such as BackUpWordPress, BackWPUp, BackupBuddy, etc.

#2. Secure your WordPress Web Presence

You Need Protection. Or Else.

  1. “Special HTTP requests” to your server.
  2. “Brute force” (password guessing)

Use two powerful plugins by installing them free.

  1. BulletProof security plugin – best security protection against database attacks, firewall attacks, .htaccess attacks, Brute Force Login attacks, etc. Backups WordPress site database files.
  2. Limit login attempts plugin – Saves your site from password guessing (Brute force attacks) by limiting login attempts. Blocks system IPs trying to hack passwords.

#3. WordPress updates are Important

WordPress version:

Make sure you are using a current and updated core version. Updates make sites safe and optimized for search engines. Upgrade your site whenever a WordPress update rolls out. However, take a full back up before you do it so do not lose any content. WordPress website management service help you do it.

Update plugins:

Similarly, use latest version plugins. It avoids any and most all bugs while using them in future. Plugins do not update frequently but when they do, it is better to use the updated one.

Delete inactive plugins:

Do not keep things you no longer use. Delete all plugins, which you no longer need. Save blog’s bandwidth and increase security. Never install older plugins not updated for more than 2 years. Resist the temptation because any hacker may be using it as a vehicle with unknown and harmful files, which get into your site.

#4. Conduct technical site audit Frequently

Have good content but can’t boost search engine optimization? Are you aware about on-site seo issues? Tools like SEMrush, My site auditor, Moz, SEOptimer, etc. perform website SEO analysis to find and fix all issues.

Some On-site issues are not using meta description, using lengthy titles over 70 characters, bad linking structure, not using any links, etc. These hurt your overall SEO rankings. Follow WordPress maintenance tips.

Perform technical site audits to better search rankings even in the Post-Panda and Penguin world.

#5. Optimize website for Speed

Digital information highway is made for lightning speed. Make the best use of fiber optics and air mediums. Optimize site for faster loading times by optimizing databases, images and using faster but reliable web host.

Use phyMyAdmin from your hosting control panel to access and optimize your website databases.Install image optimization plugins such as WP Smush to boost site loading times by optimizing for resolution and file size.Use CDN enabled web hosting services Bluehost, WP Engine, Site Ground, etc. to load web pages simple and quick.

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