How To Make Quick Money As A Student: 5 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know

Who wouldn’t want to have some extra money during college years? Even if they won’t be enough to help you repay your college loan faster, it’s still good to have more budget to manage. Of course, finding a part-time job is the most obvious way to make this money. However, what should you do when your schedule isn’t flexible enough to find such job?

Don’t worry: there are still ways to make money quickly when you need them. Some of them take less time and some take more, but each of them could be used even by a student with a very strict schedule.

So if you want to earn some extra money, here’s what you can do:

1. Sell textbooks and notes.

There’s a big chance that your old high school and college textbooks are still in a decent condition – may be too decent to throw away though you would like to have them gone. In this case, consider selling them online. There are plenty of websites that allow you to sell used textbooks – and there are plenty of people willing to save money by buying used books instead of new ones.

But you can go even further and sell your notes as well (assuming they’re good and detailed). If you did pay attention during previous years in college and did your best to make the notes on research topics and other important things as clear as possible, they would be in demand among other students.

2. Take Surveys.

What could be easier? In most cases you don’t need any specific skill or a certain background to do so – you can simply start answering questions and getting money for that.

There are two ways to make money on surveys: online and offline ones. In the first case, you need to look for paid survey sites, sign up there, and start earning your extra money. In the second case, you’ll probably need to contact the Psychology department in your college and ask whether they need students who will pass some tests and take surveys in exchange for money.

3. Tutor.

If your grades are good and you know that you can explain something to your fellow students, why don’t you start earning money on that? Of course, the competition in college could be high, but if people know you for being smart and acing your exams, this reputation would work for you.

Moreover, you can tutor not only college students but also high school ones. You can help them get ready for the upcoming exams, write admission essays, and so on.

The best way to find a tutoring job is to place ads on local ad websites or in the neighborhood. But you can also find online tutoring websites and offer your services there.

4. Monetize your hobby.

Think about what you love doing. Maybe there’s a chance you could turn this into a source of income as well?

For example, if you do handmade, consider selling your goods on websites like Etsy. If you are an illustrator, you can try selling your prints on Redbubble or creating images for Shutterstock. If you are a photographer, you can take pictures for Shutterstock as well and use apps like Foap to earn money for your photos.

5. Complete Fiverr gigs.

Sometimes students look for quick ways to earn money mostly because they aren’t ready to start working yet. However, if you do have some skills in some niche and are looking for the ways to strengthen them, you can try freelancing.

Fiverr is the place for freelancers of all kinds. It doesn’t matter what can you do best – design logos or give relationship advice. Either way, you’ll be able to set up a profile there and start looking for clients.

The basic price for your services on Fiverr is $5. However, you can always add some extra services to your basic gig in order to earn more. Check out the profiles of the others to find out more about it.

Though the price might not seem impressive, there are plenty of people who do make decent money on Fiverr. Moreover, once you build an impressive portfolio and earn some reviews, you can try your skills at places like Upwork.

As you see, there are plenty of ways to make some extra money without taking on a real part-time job in college. You might not earn a lot, especially at first – but at the same time, you won’t spend much time in the process as well, being able to focus on your education successfully.

Written by Sophia Clark

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In my free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.

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