How to Manage the Project Baseline Changes?

What is a Baseline?

  1. Planned-Effort
  2. Planned and Budgeted Revenue
  3. Original Scheduled Start & Finish Dates
  4. Planned & Budgeted Cost

IT group is responsible for providing the reliable or robust computer environment by which company can run its worldwide operations. IT groups recently started a project to upgrade its application distributions system to more current versions. The current system is outdated & no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Documents were combined into a PMP, presented for project sponsors, approved, & saved as a project baseline. In order to effectively manage the projects, PMs must understand; how to changes the triple obstacles impact the project or implement the strategies for manage the baseline changes.

Scope Baseline

Deliverables are broken-down into the sub-deliverables, or eventually into work packages that team will execute. Without scope statement, the project team cannot determine the work i.e. to be accomplished. The scope also includes the deployment of existing servers at global locations.

The changes for project scope, like need to upgrade and replace the servers, could impact project baseline. If the servers are identified to upgrade and replacement, the project team will be required to add the additional tasks for work breakdown structures. The cost of adding the new servers may increase funding needed to project completion, impacting on cost baseline.

Schedule the Baseline

The project schedule is created through sequencing the projects within a work breakdown structure to identify the rational relationships between the tasks. Once relationships are defined, resources are assigned or durations are determined to each task to create the schedule of network analysis. Changes for project schedule can impact on project baseline. When developing a project schedule for project management software distribution system upgrade the project, a team made estimates of the resources or task durations based on their current knowledge. Any projects that take longer than expected could affect the length of task, specifically if tasks are on the critical path of a project.

In few projects, the completion date is not a concern. However, in a project where accomplish the date is fixed, PMs will need to take the actions to ensure project completes through the agreed finished date. To complete this, additional resources might need to be added for tasks in order to reduce the task duration; the additional resources can output in increased the cost, which will impact cost baseline. 

Cost Baseline

Several factors can affect cost performance of the project. During the planning phase, the project team will create the cost estimates for each task. However, the true costs of the certain tasks might not be known. In addition, depending on the timeframe for task executions, changes for costs could occur, resulting in variance from original estimates. If the cost is fixed to the project, the team will need to determine; how to reduce the costs in other fields of the project. The other approach could be used to less expensive resources to accomplish the some of the tasks. However, the resources are generally less expensive because they’ve less experience and skill. As an output, tasks may take longer than originally planned, affecting schedule baseline.

Managing the Baseline Changes

In order to ensure changes for project scope, schedule, or cost baselines are properly considered, project teams should use a ceremonial change control process. The change request must include the description of the change, the issue to change, & impact on the project schedule or cost baselines. A change request is reviewed via project sponsors or key stakeholders. Once approved, project schedule or costs are updated or the new project baseline is established. If the project managers determine that a return to baseline is unlikely, an update on the projected schedule or costs is included.

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