Manipulating the Trendy Whatsapp with Advanced Features


In the modern world, every people are using social media of Whatsapp to communicate with the other people. It has so many advanced features with it for an efficient performance. This social media has been working with the Snap chat filters and location tracking features. These features are additionally added up with it recently and also this service contains every detail of the user.

The World is full of dominated with the advanced features and different techniques which are used to ease the work. Those advanced features are rolled out around the world with certain restrictions. If we are following that indispensable information, we can analysis the conversation as well as the opponent user who is in the Whatsapp contact.

We can express our feel whether we loving or hating someone’s status, there is a possibility to update that in a message. Similarly, if we don’t want to show our status to the other user who is in contact, we can mute them temporarily. There is an application to activate and monitor the performance of these advanced features in the online.

The new version of beta Whatsapp introduces so many advanced features in the windows phone. But, still, those features are unseen to the beta users for some specific reasons. Mute features are available to avoid the unwanted users who are interrupting the conversation unnecessarily. Let us have a detailed explanation about the mute features and status reply concept.

What about the mute features?

If we don’t like other’s Whatsapp status or DP, we can mute those for a while to be away from that. These mute features are avoiding the external disturbance towards the customer. Whatever the contact in the Whatsapp, we can mute that if we want and also there are so many specific aspects to develop the performance of Whatsapp. By using these mute features, we can have an interrupt free conversation with the opponent user.

Once we mute the particular contact, our status and DP won’t display to them. But as usual, we can talk each other in the conversation through online. This kind of featured application has a section along with it to store the latest status of the contact what we have muted. Whatsapp can be accessed by the software platform of Android and iOS. If we are using this feature, we can be away from the unwanted issues and we can secure our conversation from the hackers.

Whatsapp is a unique social media which connects the people each other through the online conversation. Through this service we can share the information in the form of texts, picture or smiley etc. it has some advanced and exclusive feature for the upcoming generation’s Whatsapp users. In this messenger, we can select the people for getting into the conversation through online.

This feature is an optional one i.e. whenever we want to see the status of the particular contact, we can unmute it. If we don’t want, the process will be in the vice Versa and we can maintain this feature in a particular time period. Most of the times it can be working with enabling or disable the push notifications which are used to identify the performance.

Specification of status

In the Facebook, Whatsapp and some other social media status is an interesting thing to update our mindset. While we are monitoring the specifications of Whatsapp, it will be similar to the social media of Facebook. Status is nothing but the current updating of the user to display that for the opponent users who are all in their contact. Performances of these features are monitored by the WABeta online service by which we can modify or implement the features.

There is an option to mute and unmute the comments for the particular status in the social media of Whatsapp.  Once we mute the particular contact, we can’t see the status of them even in the status section too. A new version of beta in Whatsapp brings the techniques of reply to the status instantly. An issue which is arriving in the Whatsapp can be cropped up by the advanced features.

As we know that the status in the Whatsapp can be visually available to everyone, who is all in the contact. Recently it has an option to reply some information to that specific contact to the particular status. While muting and unmuting the status replies we can have some notifications with respect to that. Those notifications are known as Whatsapp status alerts in the online messaging service.

Taking screenshot is a suggested one for the new Whatsapp status message in the conversation with the opponent user. The opponent user will get the notifications if we change the status in the social media of Whatsapp. In the status section itself, we can get the complete information about the particular contact and conversation. The screenshot also reveals the changes in muting/ unmuting options or changes in the notifications.

A new and advanced feature of Whatsapp beta version is going to be introduced in the platform of Android and iOS. According to the recent survey, there is 72 percent of people accessing the social media of Whatsapp. In that population mostly youngsters are accessing and having some benefits from this. Additionally, the Whatsapp has been added up with the external features of Snap chat filters.

This is indispensable to maintain that the features of beta version in the social media of Whatsapp. In a beta version of Whatsapp, screenshots of Whatsapp is used to activate the mute and unmute status alerts. Tipster of conversation in the Whatsapp will lead to the efficient activation of screenshot and Snap chat.

Conclusion of this concept

The major assessment of social media is a Whatsapp which is connecting us with the multiple users through online chatting. The user is no longer to receive the notifications of Whatsapp performance through online. This kind of social media can be accessible by everyone who is all using the handheld devices like smart phones. There is an option for everything and the conversation will be very clear and secured one in the Whatsapp.

As a user, we have to access this technology literally and we can have a number of benefits through it mutually. We should make use of it through online conversation with most of the advanced features. In the forthcoming generation, there will be a number of modified or advanced applications will come with respect to the customer’s need.

Dramatically, the Whatsapp have changes its performance by the specification of various software products in the online. This messaging service has a process of an end to end encryption which will protect our information. The above-mentioned features are efficiently working on the platform of iOS 10.2 and Android 7.1.  Not only the software, had it introduced some changes in texts too named as Emoji which will reduce an enlarge texting.

Eventually, we came to know that the social media of Whatsapp have introduced indispensable features. Those are used for instant messaging of status and muting the conversation of an opponent user if we don’t want. It is too preferable when comparing with the other apps and features which were used in antique days.

Written by Anand Rajendran

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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