Minimalism In Web Design: Latest Trend To Follow

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Minimalist design has been around for a quite some time now and today it has become the latest trend in web designing world, especially. Wherever you see on the web, you will be able to notice minimalism used in less or great amount for functional and expressive sites. No doubt, it is a welcomed alternative for those overly cluttered and needlessly stuffed posters, websites, logos and even ads.

For those who have never heard about this art form, minimalism is a concept that includes stripping off unwanted and excess elements continuing with the placement of remaining elements. Outcomes can be soothing and eye-pleasing, yet a great design that is modernized to deliver its message. Below are some of the design principles that relate to minimalism:

Color Choices

To achieve the great level of minimalism, color choice is the main factor which works like a charm if a correct choice is made. Colors should be chosen strategically for your web design. Also, the number of colors used must be minimum. Three colors that represent minimalism are black, white and grey. For a great impact, they allow a single accent color too.

Well, you can also use other colors as well to create a contrasting minimal web design. Some of the designers usually use bright and bold primary colors to show their minimalistic creativity.


Many of the websites just clutter their pages with maximum content and graphics unnecessarily. Do not practice it for a minimalist web design. In some cases, the minimalist layout can be a little overwhelming as every working element is important. Content on your website should be placed in such a way that user can find what they want without much effort. As an alternative of using long sentences, deliver your message in short lines.

Use of White Space

Minimalism is all about using space on a web page correctly and efficiently. The basic logic behind is that a negative space has the power to highlight small bits of graphics and information that it surrounds. It means greater is the white space, more clearly the object will be seen. It also helps in creating a balance between objects and elements used on a site.


Choosing correct typography for a minimally designed website is as important as choosing any other element. In any minimal web design, choosing only two or three font styles are recommended. Using more than three fonts can create confusion in viewer’s mind and can make your information hard to understand. You can use one font for the main heading or title, one for the body text and one for the navigational content or any other special text.

Use of Graphics

Including graphics in a minimalist web design is an intentional decision. The reason is that a graphic image is able to express more than a paragraph or a phase is able to speak. Most of the designers strategically choose graphics to enhance their design’s effectiveness.

With the ever changing and developing web world, to keep with the pace, you need to opt for minimalism in your web design. For an effective minimalist graphic design Buckinghamshire, do follow above-listed points.

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