Multi-Device Content Consumption Statistics – [Gifographic]

multi-device content consumption

In this modern and tech savvy world, majority of the population uses the internet to handle routine tasks in a way that it has become a major part of their life. An average person is constantly using the internet whether it is for social interaction, multi-device content consumption, online shopping or to search for information. To make such a high dosage of content consumption a bit simpler, users have started accessing data through multiple devices.

Living in the era of advances technological sciences, it has become a necessity to access electronic media devices throughout the day for various purposes. It has been estimated that an average person spends about 120 minutes on a pc, 170 minutes on a smartphone and about 75 minutes on a tablet throughout the day. The data compiled for this survey, also concluded that, 80% females and 78% men (between the age of 25-49), 67% young adults (between the age of 18-24) and 62% of the elderly community (above the age of 50) are multi-device users. Further research showed that 61% of the population prefers to play games on smartphones, 79% like to use smartphones for listening to the radio and 56% of the population opted for PCs as their choice of device for viewing sports. The following infographic compiled by GO-Gulf further explains the statistics regarding multi device content consumption and web development trends that influence it.

Multi-Device Marketing Statistics and Trends

Studies have shown that 90% of the user-media interactions are screen based, and that while accessing the internet 70% of the average users switch between multiple devices. Of these digital users, 90% are using multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a single task. Studies have shown that 67% of the online shoppers begin their shopping on one device and end up completing the task on another. Sequentially screening between devices has become a norm in this era as everyone desires to constantly stay connected regardless of the time and place. The most common tasks performed by multi-device users include internet surfing (81%), social networking (72%), searching up information (63%), managing financing (46%) and watching videos (43%). Online marketers are adjusting accordingly by implementing a cross-device inclusive strategy, since 84% of them feel this will lead to more success in business.

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