What You Need to Know About the New Magento Scan Tool?

Magento Scan Tool

In online business, the pursuit for the best security tool or Software is never ending. The moment you feel that you are happy with the results of the tool that you are using, a new threat will emerge compelling you to upgrade your tool or Software. Just like customers, the companies that create such tools are also continuously on their toes to meet the growing complexities. The security systems are no doubt getting smarter and so are the hackers. But, looking at the present situation, the security systems are surely a step-ahead.

Introducing Magento Scan Tool

The online marketplace Software giant Magento has recently unveiled its scan tool which promises to take care of a lot of issues previously faced by merchants. The new scan tool is efficient in:

  • Scanning Magento powered sites for potential security risks
  • Raising alerts in case a security anomaly is detected
  • Recognizing malware or external unwarranted access.

While these benefits might seem like something that almost all security tools should do, Magento Development India promises enhanced experience for its users. Additionally, this a free tool so there is no investment or risk in using the tool. You can simply try it and if it does not work as well as you thought, you can switch to other third-party compatible tools.

Automated Scanning at Its Best

Depending on the scale of your online store and the number of customers that you are catering to, manual practices or scanning can be ruled out. The Magento scan tool works well without any manual intervention (you need to specify a few pre-requisites like frequency of scan, etc.). It can be integrated with the Magento community and enterprise variant easily.

Magento claims that the scan tool can run more than 30 tests to analyze the security situation of your Magento-powered e-commerce site. It can recognize security issues related to patches, configurations, etc. All of this is easily possible by setting up the tool from Magento dashboard and running a scan.

Reporting and Fixing Choices

The Magento scan tool is not just meant for scanning and raising alerts in case a vulnerability is spotted. It is a great tool for reporting as well. The tool is capable of generating reports after scanning and also storing these reports for future references. Although, the reports provide comprehensive picture of the security issues on your sites, a report is just a piece of information and an action is required to address the issues highlighted in the report.

The remediation methods or to say suggestions on how to fix the issues reported after scans are an important part of the scan tool. So, what you get is a tool that scans, reports, and also solves issues. You can easily solve security concerns by selecting the suggestion that you think would work best.

Convenience Does Not Take a Back Seat

Convenience has been given equal importance is one thing that can be established for sure after evaluating the Magento scan tool. Though security is the prime spot, user experience has been taken care of. A user gets to access the tool from their Magento account without having to go through troubles of acquiring from other means.

Additionally, users can easily schedule scans as per their preference, see reports and set alerts only when a risk is detected. The tool will keep doing its work at the back-end without much effort from a user. This is surely one of the pluses that this tool offers.

Magento has been dedicated to customer experience and its new initiatives and offerings keeps it at the top of e-commerce Software providers list. The scan tool is one such offering that aims to provide security without hassle. If you have used the Magento scan tool, then don’t forget to share your experiences.

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Annabelle Stephena is an Senior app developer, mobility strategist and Team Leader.

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