These New Services for FastTrack for Dynamics 365 are Really Amazing!

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 program is customer success service especially designed help them move easily to Dynamics 365.

All the customers participating in the FastTrack program are guided to practice and plan out a smooth and confident rollout that drive repeatable and predictable deployments to the cloud. It also aids learning new ways of engaging and enabling new users in their company and expanding user capabilities – at their own pace. This means, customers can also realize business value faster and focus on the right areas that need proper growth.

It also represents interesting opportunities for partners. As more and more organizations are adopting cloud services, partners can easily grow their cloud businesses and go for a long-term success plan. They can easily take advantage of the FastTrack program to support their customers in achieving success. They can also build a clear relationship with their customers wherein both the parties involved are on the same page and focusing on the same areas that need consideration.

During FastTrack engagements, technical talks are held that provide technical depth and best practices to empower both partners and customers, by providing knowledge that is specific to the subject areas. These talks help in-depth understanding of an overview of available content and tooling. There are workshops also held that are interactive and outcome-based in nature. They may also involve tooling and automation. It is open to prior input from customers and partners for a custom-made session.

Then there are regular touchpoints which are basically 30 minute calls that continue throughout the engagement sessions. They include technical proof points to help customers overcome roadblocks, if any.

Now there are new services in FastTrack. These services are added, keeping in mind, acceleration of customer growth, driving adoption and reducing time to usage.

Adoption Services for Customer Engagement

This helps in making users aware, regarding successful adoption of boost engagement, drive usage, and also helps in improving their user experience.

Onboarding Service for Field Service

This gives customers a better understanding of the core values of this service. It helps them understand how this service will live up to their satisfaction. With this, they can apply first-time fix rates and resources for better user productivity.

Onboarding Service for Project Service Automation

This service empowers users to manage delivery, sales, resources and billing for projects that demand client-face. It also helps in better dynamics 365 development understanding of the interaction of Office 365 and Dynamics 353 components with the service.

All the partners who participate can easily work in concert with FastTrack team to help their customers along the learning process which can include workshops, technical talks and other regular touchpoints.

All sessions are carried out remotely by the engineering team of FastTrack. They also have time-zoned based resources that cover big markets in the APAC, EMEA and America. All the team members are well trained to deal with any kind of questions related to this program and help one understand the need and benefit with respective to their specific field of business.

Written by stephenannabelle

Annabelle Stephena is an Senior app developer, mobility strategist and Team Leader.

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