Nine Practical Facebook Marketing Strategies

Even if you don’t use Facebook personally, chances are your business does in fact have a custom page on the large social platform. There are literally millions of interactions daily on Facebook, and it is generally seen as one of the largest websites in the world, pulling traffic that would make any website owner or business envious. By reading up on these 9 practical Facebook marketing strategies, you might get inspired!

Below are 9 (nine) of our most popular strategies for Facebook marketing, leveraging the huge user-base and massive community for the best results.

1. Be authentic and real!

If you only take one thing away from this article, let it be this; you have to be authentic on your social profiles, and treat every interaction with respect and care. By replying manually to all comments, and by utilizing a personal touch and voice on all communications you are more likely to build trust with your readers, and ultimately that is what all success boils down to, the trust between customer and provider.

2. Take advantage of your existing traffic!

You can easily leverage your existing traffic on the business website by adding social media icons and linking them to Facebook and other relevant profiles. Not only will the links help your visitors find your social pages and interact with them, it will also help improve the SEO on your social profiles, meaning that the social media profiles might also show up in generic search results. Furthermore, by adding these icons on all pages of your site, it lends a bit of trust and authority to your website, by letting users know that the website is connected through other platforms, and it appears less shady in doing so.

3. Spread the word via mail

It’s really important that people know that you are on Facebook as well. By adding your Facebook and other profile links in the header or footer of your email newsletters, you might attract more clicks and interactions than without, since some people prefer using Facebook for reading their news and other content online. Furthermore you add awareness about your social profiles in general, meaning that users who have signed up and thus are interested in your business or website now also see you are on the various social media pages, and perhaps feel like giving you a like, or tweeting about you as well. Your newsletter subscribers are after all positive about your website, so why wouldn’t they also enjoy your social media profiles?

Tip: It is advisable to send mails either Monday or Wednesday between 8 and 11am, since a study has shown that it is precisely these 2 times where people obtain the highest CTR in e-mails.

4. Promote your Facebook page in your store

Add your Facebook link and icon to your store if you are using a third party service to sell your products independently of your business website, services such as Etsy, Shopify etc. For the same reasons as in point 2, there are many benefits to this.

5. Use Facebook ads

It may well be that you hate ads, but if you invest in Facebook ads, chances are high that they will in fact give your business a boost, especially if you’re just getting started. It’s actually not as expensive as you might think, and we are confident that once you start using Facebook ads, you will love them as we do. For instance, in the United States, an average cost of a Facebook like gained via advertising amounts to $0.20. This like is from a real person, having found value or interest in the advertisement, and conversely, in your company, worth more than 20 cents, don’t you think?

6. Think outside the box

A study from 2013 has shown that 35% of Facebook fans follow a page just to have the opportunity to participate in competitions. People love contests and freebies. A simple Facebook competition where all that is required to enter is leaving a like is pulling about 5.5 times as much traffic and comments as a regular post on Facebook. If you sell products, you might give away one or more of of your products, a free 1-hour consultation or one of your services as a prize.

7. Use the @ function in Facebook

Just like on Twitter, it is possible to use @ on Facebook, and thus notifying the users concerned. Using this feature will make your fans feel important and noticed, some might even feel that they are part of the company or movement. With the @ function, you can tag people or other Facebook pages, thus showing gratitude and enthusiasm. This may help to create a closer and more loyal relationship with your fans / customers.

8. Write your notice at particular times

Use some of the many available services to analyze at what times your target demographic are most likely to respond to, and read content in your niche. It sounds simple, and it is, but a surprising number of people and businesses just post their content the second they’ve laid the finishing touches to their latest work. By pushing new content at the optimal times where users are most interested, you gain more views, more comments and more likes.

9. Use pictures and videos

It is important to use images and videos in your updates on social media. People enjoy having something to look at but they read the text of it. A study shows that bulletin that contain images get 120% more attention than conventional lookup. For even greater effect, consider having important keywords formatted in bullet points as well, since they get roughly 180% more attention coupled with an interesting image.


While there are many more Facebook marketing strategies to try out, the above nine are among the best performing and thus recommended to consider as some of the first to try out. Remember that it’s important to do testing as much as time permits, since tiny tweaks can yield great results, and just as no two businesses are alike, so are neither their marketing campaigns.

Written by Mark Pedersen

Mark Pedersen is an app developer with roots in web development. Since 2001 he has been coding and programming for both startups, small and medium businesses, agencies and even larger corporate entities. These days he works as in app development at Nodes.

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