Offer Free Resources and the Conversion Rates Will Increase

Free resources provide a great way for sites to establish their credibility and passion within their niche, resulting in increasing conversion rates. Informative, free resources often provide consumer’s reassurance regarding the website’s credibility. And the resources’ benefits driving consumers to engage further with the site’s offering the resources.

Six ways to offer free resources on your website — leading to higher conversion rates in the forms of signups, sales and more — are as follows:


Podcasts are a fantastic free resource that can help attract followers and consequential conversions to a website. People tend to greatly enjoy the freedom of podcasts. They have the ability to listen at their own pace and from anywhere, whether it’s when working out or driving to work. Best of all, any niche can host a podcast, from a construction firm providing tips on planning a project to a clothing brand highlighting emerging fashion trends. All you need to record a podcast is a microphone and a knowledgeable person or two. Podcasts are great free resources with a low cost of production that enforces legitimacy.


A good example of an informative, brand-bolstering podcast is Jon Buscall’s podcast. A link is featured prominently in the site’s header, alongside their various services like web design and content marketing. The podcast usually runs weekly, covering topics like “Brand Mapping Will Save You Time & Money” and “How Live Streaming Can Benefit Your Business.” All topics are informative to their audience, while showing the business is knowledgeable in their field.

Project Photo Gallery

One beneficial free resource to provide is a photo gallery of past projects. This provides consumers with a reference point for what to expect. This also helps to potentially inspire  their future projects. For example, try providing a gallery of projects to help emphasize your breadth of work, which for this site includes residential, post frame and retrofit applications, in addition to solar and slit coil projects. In visual form, consumers are now aware of what is offered. They can then ues the gallery as potential inspiration for their metal-based project.

McElory Metal’s site also exemplifies how to showcase your photo gallery and other free resources. In their case, an interactive visualizer, color chart and library of resources. Their number of free resources are in prevalent view on their landing page. They are not tucked away somewhere that’s hard to see. Free resources should be in evident view, so consumers are aware the website is doing more than trying to sell a product or service. The site is also providing free knowledge on their topic of expertise.

Subscriber Contest for Newsletters

Monetary incentive is a strong driver. Since email newsletter signups correlate with an increase in conversions, it’s sensical to provide an additional incentive to get people to sign up for your business’ newsletter. A great way to accomplish this is to host a contest with a monetary reward, prize or discount offer, to anyone who signs up for the newsletter becoming eligible. A newsletter, in general, can be a great free resource, with the addition of a contest incentivizing sign-ups and consequently an increased conversion rate.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial and how-to videos, hosted on YouTube and embedded on your website, are another great free resource that enhances credibility and helps drive up conversion rates as a result. Millions of questions are asked in Google each day. The presence of a tutorial video can help drive new leads to your site and increase conversions. By answering the questions of prospective leads and current customers, a brand’s presence can elevate.

As a manufacturer of various golf products, one company showcases their passion for the game and its various products via a series of tutorial videos. The videos include making a shallower swing, distance control on putts and how to center contact with irons. Golf fans will enjoy the extra mile this company’s site goes in helping their consumers with their game. The integration of their products into the videos also helps enhance brand awareness.


Showcasing expertise by providing a similar benefit as tutorial videos, eBooks are a great free resource websites can offer. In essence, eBooks are sales tools that simultaneously show expertise while providing examples of how a business can help resolve specific issues. For example, a fashion brand can publish an eBook on emerging fashion trends. They should then use their products as examples of the styles they showcase. This resource can provide a synergy between a business’ products and the niche in an alluring way, helping drive conversions.

Listing of Relevant Communities and Meetups

Websites that provide a listing of relevant communities and meetups can help expand a consumer’s knowledge of a specific niche. It also shows an embrace for the community as a whole. Providing such a listing as a free resource can also help open paths to future collaboration with these communities. It gives exposure opportunity for the brand while continuing to show expertise and passion within their field.


These free resources will help appeal to leads and increase conversions. It establishes credibility and makes the overall niche more interesting, with fewer barriers to entry.



Written by lexie

Lexie is a designer, writer, and coffee lover. She writes about trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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