One with Nature: Earthy Website Designs

One with Nature: Earthy Website Designs

There are many reasons to use earthy website designs to make one think of nature and growth. When asked what their favorite color is, 25% of men and 19% of women indicate it is green.

Green is one of the most popular decorating colors used today. One of the reasons it is so popular is for its calming effect on the viewer. There is a reason television studios offer a “green” room where participants on talk shows can relax while waiting for their turn. Browns can indicate steadfastness and timelessness.

Courtesy of GIPHY
Courtesy of GIPHY

Earthy website designs combine these colors and gives the visitor a sense of nature. You might immediately think of these designs for organic products or farms However, they can work to establish a sense of environmental consciousness for any brand imaginable. You do not have to stick with only greens and browns either.

Since more and more sites are pulling in big photo backgrounds, you can use a photo of a beautiful blue lake, or a white-capped mountain range to set the tone.

Here are four designs that stand out and details on the types of businesses they would work best for:

Earthy Design # 1: Modern Edge with Nature Elements

Crop Natural Skin Care’s website has a very simple, modern look with a black band across the top with navigational elements, a white text area, and another black band across the bottom. However, they pull in elements of nature by adding a graphic of a simple plant into their logo. Then using a big image in the slider feature in the center of the page just under the header and still above the fold.

This design works particularly well for young companies featuring natural products. The image slider feature allows the companies to swap out the big background image as new products are released. And it can be used if they wish to feature something new.

Earthy Design # 2: Harmony & Recovery

JourneyPure’s website features natural elements that have a soothing feel. What is more calming than a being one with nature? By combining a soft blue with darker blues across the top of the page, JourneyPure creates a feeling of peace and serenity. The logo pulls in greens and blues and they feature images of elements from nature, such as the woman meditating.

This design works well for an addiction treatment center. Every element on every page creates a sense of harmony and recovery. They focus on holistic healing and invite people to their natural approach. What particularly works well in this example is the girl’s hand on the horse, forming a connection and making a step toward recovery. Site visitors will feel soothed from the minute they land on the website.

Earthy Design # 3: Big Background Images

As mentioned before, using a big background image is a popular design technique right now. Geo Fun utilizes this concept in a way that brings the outdoors onto your computer screen. A huge image of a walking trail in the forest fills the background.

Since you see a woman with a backpack beginning her trek down the trail, there is little doubt that the site is about being outdoors and experiencing what nature has to offer. The logo pulls in additional shades of green with a color pop of the complementary orange in the “f”, which just screams “fun” to those who enjoy nature.

This design is absolutely ideal for a company that offers guided walking tours, sightseeing, dolphin and whale watching, and other outdoor activities.

Earthy Design # 4: Illustrated Nature Elements

August, a school water efficiency program in Australia, uses nature elements in a graphical format to keep the site young, fresh and fun but still pull in elements of nature. Note how the site uses blues, greens and earth tones to set the stage.

However, it is cartoonish rather than a photo. It’s perfect for a company that is focused on education. There is an animated airplane that flies across the screen from left to right, but it is small and does not distract from the overall impact of the page.

This works well for a company where the focus is very narrow, such as water efficiency. There are very few elements on the page other than the large drawing that makes up the background. This puts the site visitor’s focus on the case study.

These designs pull in elements of nature almost seamlessly with the overall design of the website. Using earthy design elements is easy to achieve for almost any type of website. Pay attention to where the eye is drawn when landing on the page. And be aware of the colors that complement one another best for maximum impact on site visitors.

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Lexie is a designer, writer, and coffee lover. She writes about trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.


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  1. Thanks for the article. I think the harmony and simplicity of the design are the most important factors. When you’re planning the design of landing page you should know about common mistakes and avoid them.

    • You’re totally right, Adriana. Harmony and simplicity must be felt. If not, what’s the point of evoking natural elements? Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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