Online Business 101: Applications to Outgrow your Business through Technology

A world of a technology-driven system, most likely the business today has many technology tools and many chances to integrate sales and upgrade your business. With a number of companies today, fighting to renew the deals and find a strategic way to improve and increase their number of buyers.

You can have a physical store that looks slicks and professional, but there is this new trend where computer and mobile gadgets can be a mall and shop with just one click. There is what we called productivity app for sales people where it can be used as an essential tool to achieve an amount and sell your products.


Facebook is one of the productivity apps for sellers. You can post photos and status to inform your friends and buyers. Online shopping is the new glam nowadays, and business outgrows in the world of technology. The Facebook store is just a snap and clicks on your products. Since this is the most used application for millennial, it was easy to post your products online and caption it with prices. Also, you can just promote and advertise in your store and products publicly. There will be no deduction for tax and no environmental regulatory compliance. Your Facebook friends will only type “How much?” “Is this still available?” etc.


Instagram views for photos only and the same with Facebook, your followers will just type a comment and shop through your feed. Moreover, this application will not require you an environmental and regulatory compliance just like a physical store need to comply. Through hashtag, you will be able to saw some of the products that the sellers use. You will be able to manage and surf on your mobile gadgets and a quick process for the faster transaction. This app will give you an instagrammable product and photos, and offer you an online shop satisfaction.


Lazada is an app for online sellers. This application will give you a vast majority of buyers and sellers that will provide you with the opportunity to choose the products you want by categories. It can be downloaded on your mobile gadgets, and it would be easy to shop on your phone if you don’t have much enough time to go malls and stores. To maximize your time, just go to your app store or play store, click download and take your company and stores up through Lazada because this app delivers an excellent service.


This app provides a platform for entrepreneurial business which provides the customer needs and wants for shopping matters. This application can be downloaded through your mobile phones and stream on it. This form is also a social selling tool that will help you to find your fashionable trend on a regular or preloved price that will satisfy you as buyers. It will communicate all your customers and an opportunity to use as an advertising channel allowing you to access and transact your buyers and sellers.


This app same with Shoppe and Lazada offers you the value-laden shopping satisfaction. You as buyers are very particular about the quality and the price. This application will help to increase your profits and your business status. Also, it provides the lower prices for its product, and the market will give a huge benefit of it. This application will be used as a platform to advertise your products.

Technology is a new marketplace, and with these top productivity applications, it will help you to avoid traffic jam and extend your network of contacts to feel connected. This productivity app for sales people will not give you a waste of tick time. Furthermore, you must be careful with those bugos buyers and scam. First, do not always trusts the thing “payments first basis” and “shipping products,” these things will help give you a hint for a scam. Second, do not put all your personal information especially on your credit card. Lastly, do not prefer meetups if the place of it is harmful and not convenient for you as buyers.  Do a review for the seller you just buy or always know that customer’s first. For those who plan to start a business, always know that “starting small doesn’t mean thinking small.”

Written by janicejaramillo89

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

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