How to Optimize Your Blog Using SEO


Whether you are a new blogger in the market or a well-established company, everyone needs to optimize their web pages, also the blog posts, to make their online presence more prominent. And for that, SEO is the best tool as it helps your visitors and customers search your products, services and even brand on the search engines like Yahoo and Google.

But, it can be a little over-whelming as well as a tricky tactic to master the updates of Google. How will you get to know what you need to optimize and how? What changes will matter and what changes won’t? Being confused is not common amongst the inbound marketers. Here are some ways how to optimize your blog posts for the keywords you mostly care:

Inclusion of Long-Tail Keywords

If you are a frequent reader, you would read blogs online which include tons of search keywords. Those bloggers are living with a myth that inclusion of more search keywords means higher rankings. Instead, it will damage your SEO as search engines understand who is using SEO decently and who is keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing basically means including search keywords as much as possible into blog posts with just a sole purpose to gain higher rankings in organic search.

Also, including many search keywords in your blog posts doesn’t make a good reading experience. You should use keywords in such a way that it does not feel unnatural or pressed. Taking an average of 1-2 keywords per blog post is advisory as it will maintain your quality and also the ranking.

Focusing on Keywords at Specific Parts of Blog Post

As you have got the idea about the inclusion of search keywords, it’s time to incorporate these keywords in right places of a blog post. Do you know what are the most important places where search keywords will actually help you in rankings? Well, there are 3 essential places where you should try:

  1. Headers & Body
  2. Title
  3. URL

Making Blog Mobile-Friendly

Since April 2015, Google has shown it’s love towards the mobile-friendly websites and blogs. Google revealed that most of the people use the search engines on their mobile phones instead of using on desktops or laptops. Today, everyone is on the move and they are in the need of mobile-friendliness. So, if you have not been focused on optimizing your blog for a better mobile experience, you better start working on it!


So, here we are! All the above-listed points help you to optimize your blog posts using SEO. After following these seo services india, your blog posts will surely get better ranking online.

Written by Sid Garg

Sid Garg is an SEO Analyst in MindDigital. He has more than 2 years of experience within the world of SEO. He is brilliant when it comes to anything technical and is great at finding the latest trends when it comes to SEO for our clients.

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