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  • Top 5 things you need to know about Protocol Buffers on iOS

    Protocol Buffers

    Protocol buffers are a way of encoding data in an efficient yet extensible way, according to the official documentation from Google. They are language-agnostic methods developed by Google for serializing structured data.With a .proto file defined, just passing the file into the protocol buffer compiler will generate data access classes in the supported languages of […] More

  • Top 7 SEO Plugins For WordPress Website


    Here are a number of WordPress SEO plugins which can use on your blog and increase search engine traffic. Today we will discuss SEO plugins for WordPress which can improve different aspects of SEO and increase overall visibility of your site. In the market there are a number of WordPress SEO plugins available, In this […] More

  • How to Write the Content for Your Mobile App?

    Writing the content for your mobile app is a tricky task as it’s not just about crafting a long descriptive article. With Limited space, high-competition and several similar applications, you need to be very careful while writing the app content. Well, 90% of users will never read the content but don’t underestimate this important part […] More

  • Top 10 UX Rules Every Web Designer Should Live By

    7 Must Have Technologies for Modern Marketing

    You can create and produce the most promising design in the world but it won’t prove to be successful unless it is user friendly. When a website is owned and graded, a term called UX comes into being. Every design has to sell based on its usability level, alone a design will be doomed and long […] More

  • Real Time Location Sharing and its connection to Whatsapp

    Social media has become a major aspect in the present times due to their captivating attributes and applications which aid in effective communication. Whatsapp Real application is one example which permits users to share a wide range of data ranging from videos to pictures with others. Whatsapp features several upgraded versions which make the users […] More

  • Whatsapp – The smartest way to stay connected


    It is said that there is no wall, no barrier which can keep us apart if only we communicate with each other. In today’s generation communication plays a major role in life. It is not surprising that whatsapp has worked up a storm in the communication world. This platform has become extremely popular. The success […] More

  • Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

    Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

    This year is turning out to be pretty great r for all the gadget geeks out there. We already had a couple of shows and conferences that showcased some of the most advanced gadgets out there. From smart watches to self-driving cars, we are in for a lot of treats in the near future. Now, […] More

  • Movavi Photo Editor Review

    Movavi Photo Editor Review

    Being able to edit photos is fast becoming a necessity nowadays – both for personal and professional purposes. While you may have steered clear of photo editing in the past because you felt you had no aptitude for it and lacked the experience that is needed, the fact of the matter is that you really […] More

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