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  • What Queries Each Technical Writer Goes Through When Writing API Documentation?

    API Documentation tool

    As a technical writer, you may have queries like how to move from creating end-user or GUI-based products to effectively creating API documentation. Whereas good technical writers already have the abilities and best practices required as a base for writing API documentation, there are still some significant challenges and needs to address. Here are some generally […] More

  • How to Create Your Own Work Oasis

    Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or are a night owl, tackling freelance work can be wearing as the assignments pile up. A cup of coffee and some tasty snacks help you stay alert, but when your workspace is just a place you come to carve out time in the doldrums, something […] More

  • Top 3 Apps That Every Businessman and Customers Should Have In Their Android Devices

    “I built a product without understanding the market or the users” –Sandi MacPherson – Editor-in-Chief, Quibb– Nowadays, business persons are very wise in developing their business. Some of them starts with a great business idea or plan having a great app in their android devices that is why their business is be a profitable venture […] More

  • What is Text Compare tool? Why use it?

    Text compare tool

    Text Compare is simply a tool to compare two different plain text files or document files, or written text to check similarities and plagiarism. This tool allows you to highlight each and every line or sentence which is same as it is in the other file. It helps you catch the issues more accurately as […] More

  • Is My Company Website at Risk for Malware?

    Before we address anything else, we’re going to answer one simple question that is and always will be true. Is your company website at risk for malware? The answer is unequivocally and infinitely yes. No, that’s not far-fetched or extreme, and here’s why. According to FBI Director Robert Mueller III and cybersecurity experts, every company […] More

  • A Review on IoT Based Mobile Apps

    IoT app development

    Internet of Things (IoT) has been trending for quite some time and presently there have been huge developments embarked in this arena. Lately, Internet of Things has commenced an altogether new market with the name IoT application development where mobile apps can band together with the devices introduced in the IoT industry. The IoT app […] More

  • Why Should You Attend the Microsoft Dynamics Days Meeting?

    Why should you attend the Microsoft Dynamics Days meeting-

    Dynamics Days are meetings or international conferences which are held on the theoretical application and practical application of non linear dynamics. It started mainly in Europe and has been held since 1980. It was later picked up by the United States n 1982, followed by Central Asia in 2013. Even Latin America and the Caribbean […] More

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