Personal Mobility and Transportation – Technological Innovations to Come

Personal Mobility and Transportation

Personal transportation vehicles are constantly getting smarter and improved. However, the basic function and design have remained practically the same. You would still recognize a vehicle as a car, no matter if he has a whizzy electric super-engine or if it can be self-driven. Fundamentally, it is still a car. However, what about flying bicycles and electric unicycles? Now, that is something worth discussing! Inventors are coming up with new vehicle designs, hoping that they would be recognized and adopted by the masses.

Shark Wheel

Shark Wheel
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The inventor was really thinking outside the box when he replaced the ordinary circular wheels with shark wheels. They are not squared, but square-looking (trying to make square wheels work is to go against the basic laws of physics, and that won’t happen). These wheels can slide more easily, handle soft surfaces with aplomb, and grip better in the wet. In early 2014, the inventors started shipping first Shark Wheels for skateboards, and they also believe that this design could scale to much bigger vehicles.

Organic Transit Elf

Organic Transit Elf

The Elf is, in essence, a tricycle. It costs somewhat less than $5,000, is solar-powered, capable of 30mph and a range of about 14 miles. If you like pedaling and want to enjoy the sunny weather, plus you have a few thousand dollars to spare, then the Organic Transit Elf might be just what you need. However, if you plan to pedal somewhere where the landscape and weather are not very favorable, it would drain the battery more quickly.



It is the closest transportation invention there is to hoverboards we have seen in Back To The Future. The project was launched at Kickstarter, with more than a thousand people pledging over $600,000 for bringing the project to life. OneWheel, a self-balancing electric skateboard, is a combination of clever software, inertia sensors, and brushless hub motor – meaning that the board balances and powers itself.


This transportation vehicle has not been made in human size yet, but the creator has promised to make it happen. But for now, it is too small for humans, basically a toy. B is a hybrid car-copter that is used in filming of the Expendables 3 movie. The rotors are built in its wheels and it looks great. It is said that the RC models are used to help fund B’s future development.



Hovertrax is actually like a minimized Segway – simply two balancing wheels that are controlled only by feet. The inventor has created, besides the Hovertrax, the Hydroglider electric surfboard and the Solowheel electric wheel. The man is evidently focused on the development of personal mobility, and we wish him to keep up the great work.


The Segway board allows us to cruise like we never could before. The reason for that is the advanced gyroscopic balancing technology that this self-balancing, two-wheeled board has. The Segway is battery powered, but there is no reason why it couldn’t be powered via solar energy, making it a self-sufficient transport vehicle. Segway has even teamed up with Xiaomi and Intel, and created a personal butler robot using the Segway board technology.

Honda U3-X Easy Rider

Honda U3-X Easy Rider

Honda’s U3-X Easy Rider comes from the same development facility as Honda’s robots. The first U3-X prototype was presented in 2009, when it addressed the problems that the rapidly aging population faces. The Easy Rider is a forerunner of future self-powered wheelchairs, but it will not be on your shopping list any time soon.

It seems that the future personal transportation vehicles are being developed to be self-powered, self-balancing, and solar charged. Having a vehicle that is safe to that extent and self-sufficient when it comes to energy will bring a lot of changes to our everyday personal mobility.

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