Popular SSL Certificates Providers for Your Business Security

SSL Certificates Providers

Do you know? The chances of your online credentials being stolen are more probable than you being robbed in the street. Online security has become such a menace in the recent years.

Even if you are a cyber-citizen, who knows how to stay safe while browsing, online shopping, video streaming or doing anything else with the Internet, hackers know how to penetrate into your systems and make away with data. Data, the outage of which can cause serious personal and financial loss.

For online businesses, the danger is even grave. They are built on the foundation of customer trust. And data security breaches are the last thing needed to shake that foundation. A single event of a data breach is more than enough to damage customer trust permanently.

While there are plenty of antivirus and online security products available in the market, a fool proof method that shields real-time hacking attempts comes in the form of SSL certificates.

Be it for business or even personal use, SSL certificates have become mandatory for all kinds of websites. They encrypt the data exchanged between virtual points, thus, ensuring data is not lost, stolen or even looked into by unauthorized users. There are several forms of SSL certificates, each one designed to meet the security needs of diverse range of users.

Single Domain

Single domain certificates can be used to secure only a single domain. Sub-domains attached to that domain will remain unsecured. It is an apt choice for private websites and bloggers whose security requirements are minimal.

Multiple Domain

Multiple domain SSL certificates can be used to secure multiple domains like www.example.com, mail.example.com, support.example.com, etc. It is a great choice for eCommerce store owners who want security for multiple domains like payment page, login page, etc.

Wildcard SSL certificate

Wildcard SSL certificate has an asterisk character which can be customized securing any selected domain of the website. The certificate will also secure all first-level subdomains attached to that domain.

SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities, primarily cyber security companies who authenticate the credentials of the user before issuing them an SSL certificate.

Now, like smartphone brands that range from premium to entry-level, there are several SSL certificate providers you can buy SSL certificates from. The certificates provided by each provider is different from their competitor.

Best SSL Certificate Providers in the Market

In this article, I am going to list out the gist of few such top SSL certificate providers you can entrust your online security in. it will help you pick the right SSL certificate provider when you need one.

1. Comodo

Comodo is the first-choice for most enterprise-grade users when it comes to picking an SSL certificate. Comodo provides single-domain, multiple domain, Wildcard SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption and Organizational, Domain level and Extended validation. Comodo EV SSL certificates are available from a price range of $359 onwards.

2. Symantec

Hot on the heels of Comodo is Symantec, an SSL Certificate provider who has been expanding rapidly by acquiring other small and growing CAs. although a bit pricey compared to Comodo, Symantec comes with over $1.5 Million warranty in case of any online mishaps. EV, DV, OV, Wildcard SSL certificates are its main forte.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a go-to destination for domain purchases and registration. A lion share of websites on the Internet is domain registered with GoDaddy. The company also started issuing SSL certificates along with domains purchased from it a while ago. The price range of GoDaddy SSL certificates ranges from $69.99 onwards. GoDaddy also provides users the provision to customize their SSL certificates for specific security requirements.

4. GlobalSign

Established in 1996, GlobalSign is one of the early entrants in the web security industry. Their first-mover advantage resulted in creating futuristic SSL certificates with 256-bit and higher encryption that protect websites of all types from rampant cybersecurity threats. Immediate issuance, adequate warranty, top-notch customer service are some of the aspects that set GlobalSign as a global leader in SSL certificates.

5. DigiCert

DigiCert is yet another leading global Certificate Authority that issues all kinds of SSL certificates including Wildcard SSL certificates. DigiCert also provides its customers with free Trust Seal along with the purchase which suits eCommerce business owners perfectly.

6. Entrust

Entrust SSL certificates come with a range of rare features that are rare to find in other Certificate Authorities. Entrust SSL certificates come with 99.99% browser compatibility and also have multi-server compatibility ensuring maximum web security for all your transactions.

7. ClickSSL

ClickSSL is the platinum partner of the world`s popular SSL Authorities and providing the variety of SSL certificates for all types of business requirements such as domain validation, organization validation, wildcard SSL, SAN SSL and EV SSL since 2009. The major benefits of buying SSL certificates from ClickSSL is you will get the widest range of SSL products, cheaper price and excellent customer support.

8. Trustwave

Trustwave SSL certificates come with lifetime re-issue, free Trustwave website seal, free technical support, a whopping $500,000 warranty and web based KPI. Trustwave is also a noted certification authority that issues Domain Validation, Extended Validation, and Organizational Validation SSL certificates.

9. RapidSSL

RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate and SAN certificates are perfect choices to protect your website from infiltration. If cost is a factor of worry, be assured that RapidSSL is an ideal option which provides SSL certificates for as low as $74. These certificates come enabled 256-bit and higher encryption that can be used to secure single and multiple domains.

10. SECOM Trust

SECOM is a Japan-based Internet security company that issues SSL certificates that go a notch above the ordinary to protect websites. SECOM also has a business association agreement with Entrust which further adds muscle to their SSL certificate services.

Final Verdict

When it comes to picking an SSL certificate, be it single, multiple or Wildcard SSL certificate, there are plenty of choices to pick from the Internet. There is no one perfect choice which fits all. Depending on the need of your website, trust seals, encryption bit-rate, etc. the choice will vary. These are the top SSL certificate providers available in the market today that you can count on to pick a certificate.

Written by Pankaj Das

I am Pankaj Das an independent digital and freelance content writer. I have 5 years of experience in content marketing in various sectors such as marketing, technology, and branding. I work in philosophy to provide most valuable information to improve knowledge base and trust.

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