How To Prioritise Your Content Marketing Targets

How To Prioritise Your Content Marketing Targets

It is possible to optimize every working sphere if you know where to start. However, when we speak of content marketing it’s often hard to tell where that start is. There simply are just too many options: you can write emails or focus on blogs, publish eBooks or concentrate on social media, and so on.

Moreover, there is no universal rule or advice when it comes to content marketing. What is good for one product or marketing campaign can be bad for the other. It always depends on certain things: lucky for you, these things remain constant all the time.

Target prioritizing scheme

So, in order to prioritize your targets, you need to think about:

  • your main goals;
  • your resources: people and time mostly;
  • tools you use.

Think about the projects you’re working on now: certainly, some of them are more urgent than the others. Pick a certain project and make a list of things that have to be done for it. Then name the main goal you need to achieve.

For example, if you are working for a business company, profit can be your goal. If you are working for the charity organization, maybe donations or raising awareness can be your goal.

Keeping all this in mind, think about the shortest way to fulfill this goal. What tasks need to be completed in order for your idea to come to life as soon as possible? These tasks probably are the most important for you at the moment.

For example, if your goal is to attract new customers, you probably should focus on using content to build your audience. Create viral videos, write amazing blog posts, make tests, and so on – your priority here is to make enough content while keeping it as interesting as possible.

But if you already have an audience that is big enough, your goal can be completely different: for example, you can offer discounts or create a marketing campaign to increase sales.

However, it isn’t always this easy. Sometimes there are two equally important tasks, a few targets that seem to be equally effective, and so on. In this case, I recommend analyzing your most important tasks and dividing them into those of more and less priority.

How can you make this happen? Let’s figure out.


Main content marketing targets and what to do with them

There are several content marketing targets that are valid for any task: understanding your target audience, content optimization and so on. They usually repeat from task to task, and this can lead to two situations: in the first one marketers neglect these targets and do it half-heartedly, in the second one they pay too much attention to those of them that aren’t as important at the moment.

For example, not all marketers try to understand their target audience: many of them just assume things, basing on the last year’s data, old researchers and so on. That’s a really bad attitude, as this target is usually one of the most important ones. Sure, there are situations when a fresh research would be a waste of time: for example when a company did such research a few weeks ago. However, if it didn’t happen, or if something changed within company recently, such research has to be done. When you know your audience in details, you know what type of content is better to create.

Let’s imagine you are planning to launch a big marketing campaign and you know that your audience consists of young people, for example. While this can be enough for some of us, actually this says almost nothing at all. These young people can be teenagers and in this case, you can use teenage-oriented trends. However, they can also be college graduates that don’t like teenage jokes, and so your campaign will fail without a proper research. But even if an age is known, you still need to know more: for example, people leading a healthy lifestyle won’t appreciate a chips commercial, while Netflix lovers might enjoy it.


Analyzing the effectiveness of your methods is usually important too: otherwise, you might find yourself wasting time on things that don’t benefit your company anymore. When you try new methods and tools or want to check whether the old ones are still effective, analyzing is necessary. However, becoming too obsessed with the data is bad too, so don’t get too carried away.

Many marketers focus on the types of content more than on the quality of it, and that’s a mistake. If your content strategy is already working and you want to make it more effective, focus on improving it and polishing your skills instead of searching for new ones. Improve your writing, come up with new ideas for a blog and so on. This will give you the desired result quicker while testing a new type of content will take a lot of time.

Moreover, you can use the same type of content and follow the trends to make it more enjoyable. Remember spring, when new Game of Thrones season was aired? Back then it was everywhere: people created articles like “What life hacks can you learn from Game of Thrones?” or “10 best GoT-inspired designs”, and so on. It is easy to find something just as trendy and use it to make your content more interesting.  

However, if you think that creating a different type of content will benefit your brand more, try doing so. Just be sure it won’t affect your other main goals.

These are the things most important for any brand:

  • audience: its characteristics, preferences, and reactions;
  • tools for measuring the effectiveness of your methods: you need to understand what works well just as it is and what has to be changed into something more effective;
  • definition of a success, as they are different for any brand. You need to keep this definition in mind to track your progress: for example, if your goal is a certain number of social media followers, you’ll be able to see whether your methods bring that goal closer or farther;
  • content quality: you need to work on making your content engaging and unique to attract more clients and to stand out among competitors.

Usually, your main goal is to handle them. Later, however, you can focus on more narrow but still important tasks. You can work on making your content even more engaging: this includes improving your skills and coming up with the new content types or the ways to present your content. For example, you can try illustrating blog articles with visual images or simply publish a series of images related to your brand.

Working on how to get the most from the content you have is important too: this includes its optimization along with the creation of the more personalized content.


What to do when the priorities are set

Let’s assume you’ve worked everything out and made a list of your prior targets. The next important thing is to stick out to this list and not allow yourself to be distracted.

The thing is that marketers work in a sphere full of innovations. New trends and ideas appear almost every time and while marketers have to learn and educate themselves, they shouldn’t try to implement everything new into their work at the same time. Yes, a new popular type of content can appear in a week or so, but this doesn’t mean that you need to throw away your past goals and targets just to try adding this type of content to your strategy.

Consistency is the key here. Stick to your priorities, solve the most important tasks first and deal with everything else later. This way you will definitely succeed. I wish you good luck!

Written by Lori Wade

The author's name is Lori Wade. She is a tutor and a freelance/content writer who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She has a degree in Journalism and is a frequent contributor to several publications and websites. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or Google+ or find her in other social media.

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