Most Profitable Small-Business Industries for 2017

Most Profitable Small-Business Industries for 2017

Most people wonder what their best choices in life should be in order to ensure success and financially secured living. Of course, there’s no one clear answer to all the questions when this aspect of life is concerned. Still, some small and new businesses have proved to be very profitable in recent years. If you’re looking to start independent life in 2017 or simply want to change your source of income, here are some of the business industries thought to be the most promising and profitable in the following year.

Most Profitable Small-Business Industries for 2017Health and fitness coach

More and more people are getting interested in healthy lifestyle. In that respect, health and fitness coaches are highly sought after. If you too have a passion for proper and nutritive diet as well as exercise, this might be the perfect business start for you. Of course, you can start slowly just by offering your advice. Gradually, you can build your business by turning it into health center and/or even a gym.

Indie makeup brand

If you’re into makeup, you most definitely know how popular makeup tutorials are on YouTube. While makeup artistry might be a very fulfilling job, its demand is not as high as it used to be. But, most beauty gurus on YouTube absolutely love to use indie makeup brands in their tutorials and everyday life. Also, people are in general more inclined to help out and support indie brands, especially if these prove to be very professional and creative. Therefore, if you have a burning passion for makeup and creative mind, this endeavor could definitely turn out to be very profitable for you.

Most Profitable Small-Business Industries for 2017Social media consultant

Just stop for a moment and consider how much time you’re actually spending on all of your social media pages. These are an important part of our lives and big companies are well aware of the fact. Therefore, they often look for people who are knowledgeable about social media marketing and photography to run their social media pages. If you’re positive that you’d qualify, definitely try to make this position your dream job. Considering that more and more companies are putting time and a lot of money into their social media marketing strategies, this can prove to be an extremely profitable and satisfying thing to do for a living.

Rubbish removal services

You might not ever consider this to be your dream job just because it seems like an occupation that wouldn’t earn you a lot of money. Well, think again because rubbish removal and skip bin service is predicted to be one of the most profitable businesses in 2017. Basically, a lot of people are opting for hiring special services or renting JNS skip bins in order to get rid of their waste most effectively. If you care for the environment and enjoy scheduled work, don’t shy away from this opportunity.

Most Profitable Small-Business Industries for 2017

Food truck business

Another business that you might not consider too profitable but it definitely is, is food truck business. Basically, if you’re a good cook and want to cash your talent, food truck is a much smarter investment than opening up a restaurant. Also, food truck businesses are calculated to be some of the most profitable on the market with the least percentage of financial losses. Therefore, if you want to try your luck in this area, make sure to think of some really good recipes and get a good truck with room for all the necessary equipment.

Have you found something worth your while for 2017? Remember, no matter how profitable a certain business is, money and success won’t come naturally to you unless you truly enjoy what you do. Therefore, don’t go for jobs that are completely devoid of meaning for you. True profit will come from proper balance – doing what you enjoy and utilizing market requirements.

Written by Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to business and technology.

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