The Pros And Cons Of Using An Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software has various programs that are installed for scanning through your computer’s hard drive for viruses, intrusions, spyware, and other malicious elements that can enter your system whenever you use outer components or get connected with the internet. Using an anti-software is like taking precautions when you rent a car or take a car on lease. It doesn’t matter when you are renting a car in Dubai or Denmark you will always take some important precautions to check out services of the company, their ratings, and so on, your precautions act as your safety wall or protection layer. Similarly, anti-viruses act as protection layers for your system. However, as the time is evolving more and more loopholes are being exposed in this respect. In this write-up, we are trying to balance their pros and cons and help you clarify the picture.


A few types of anti-virus software don’t check the PC and erase contamination records, however, keep them from being downloaded to your PC. Spyware Blaster, for instance, keeps the establishment of spyware and malware on the PC. It can help in keeping all Active-X based spyware from your computer; it also restricts the user’s access to all kind of dangerous and harmful websites. Similarly, the AVG antivirus is known for providing free of cost antivirus protections along with protection from social networking malware, link scanner, along with Do Not Track technology. But there is another side of this story, many claim that it is not the best protection, the rootkit is complete all of AV, and there are several other threats that need manual cleanup and that is not done by AVG.


Most anti-virus attacks, for example, McAfee or AVG, these run checks on your PC and the majority of its available hard drives to recognize conceivable malware records, and after that erase them. Such programs may have different weapons like virus prevention, email scanning, and protection against different spyware.

Anti-virus programs can be automated to keep scanning your system at on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis, and can be set to consequently find and introduce latest updates and definitions in your system.

Bitdefender Antivirus, for example, is known for offering the best autopilot mode, strong security layer against phishing, personal data protection, Facebook protection as well as multi-device parental control, and so forth.

However, this one also has several drawbacks, like long and complicated clean-up procedure, huge installation files, and very heavy over slower and last generation computers.


One of the biggest disadvantages of anti-virus software is its overwhelming reliance on PC assets. Most PCs, when running a virus output, can do little to nothing else. While one of these sweeps is running, getting to envelopes, the Internet, or applications can ease back to a slither. Here and there, the PC may bolt or stop up. Nonetheless, some anti-virus programs do accompany the alternative to stop the output. When you run anti-virus filter, ensure you won’t have to utilize the PC for the span of the sweep.


anti-virus programs start their insurance by checking downloads. In any case, anti-virus programs can’t generally separate between something you know is honest to goodness safe, and something you are uncertain about. This implies while it shields you from unsafe documents, it might keep you out of safe records and projects. In these cases, crippling anti-virus software generally makes a difference.


There are a number of applications that work in complete contradiction with anti-virus software. That is where anti-virus seems like a problem to many. For instance, GameGuard, made by nProtect, is a well known anti-hacking and – an anti-tricking instrument that is utilized by some online gaming organizations.

Nevertheless, in the event that it tries to run and some errors come forth, it might be because your antivirus software is seeing the application as a false-positive virus and, hence, keeps it from running. There are several other such drawbacks that are associated with such software. For example, the ESET NOD32 offers a simple interface, safe mode scanning and so much more; but needs special tech support when you need to remove threats and very weak against the rootkits. It has also been found that it is pretty bad at malware-blocking.


Anti-virus software is not a complete package against malicious elements and can’t shield you from each virus attack, without fail. Numerous anti-virus software can give you better insurance, however, the length of PC virus change and advance as quickly as they do now, there won’t be a program that is a cure-all. Therefore, ensure your priorities first before choosing an antivirus. If you are treading online, choose the best protection against spyware, malicious programs, spam, phishing sites, and others.

Written by Alice Methew

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