How to Protect the Content of Your Blog

How to Protect the Content of Your Blog

One good thing about starting your own blog is that moment you begin to examine internet traffic, subscribers and cash return streaming in. However, there are tons of bloggers who primarily steal your content by scraping at it through internet search engines. There are even bloggers who get high as they search the internet for your hard work to duplicate. Here are many techniques that you will need to implement in order to guard your diary content against being taken or scraped.

Run plagiarism checker

One way you can check to see if anyone else traced your online page is to run plagiarism code. You may be able to catch anyone who is victimizing your work as their own. You’ll certify that your work is fully distinctive and original since you are also chargeable for not repeating other content.

Create Personal Aptitude in Your Content

To combat diary scrapers and lazy bloggers, you would like to include some personalization into your online page. This is often troublesome to repeat if somebody wants to copy your article and use it at once. This is often another good way to make it harder for folks to steal your content.

Copyright Your Online Page

You should think about copyrighting each blog post you post. In this way, it serves as a shield from spammers and scrapers. DMCA website could be a smart service to use if you would like to guard your online page.

Watermark Your Photos

Another issue scrapers wish to take is photos. You should consider producing a watermark on all of your photos that you just use, thus, it will shield your online page from thieves. It’s simple to make watermarks on photos. You may also want to save the image as a ‘dpi’ file, thus, the standard copy will be safe.

On Your blog, Install a Copyright Proof Plugin

This type of plugin works well thus you’ll show everybody that you are indeed an authentic author of the content you publish on your website. Your content can have a singular seal. You may be able to use anytime another person tries to steal your content.

Linking Your Articles

Another good way to keep your website content safe is to deeply link your blogs to different postings inside your site. You should also link the photographs likewise. If an individual were to steal your content by copying and pasting it into their website, your link will remain active.

This is a tool that mechanically produces a backlink right to your website once an individual steals your online page. The backlinks provide you with the authority and page rank, thus, you will gain the highest end in the search engines. This may produce additional internet traffic to your website, thus, you will get rewarded for the content you wrote.

Disable the Proper Click perform

Another way you can shield your content from thieves is to disable the proper click feature on your website. This may make it troublesome for somebody to easily copy and paste your content and use it as their own.

Contact The Thieves

Another way you’ll keep your content protected is to inform the “knock off criminal” to take down the stolen content. This has been extremely effective for several folks since there are bloggers who erroneously place up different people’s content while not realizing it.

Do’s And Don’ts About Blog Copyright


1. Do: Get to know what it means to have a copyright.

There are countless individuals who are clueless as to what it means to have a copyright for their blog content. In this way, many others are confused. Get educated about the benefits and how you can keep your creative content out of the hands of thieves.

2. Do: Invest time to lock the doors.

After you learn a thing or two about copyrighting your blog content, you need to secure your work. Take the time to plan ahead or you will be deeply sorry. If you did not get around to it yet, consider posting up a copyright notice, which will make it easier for others to view the need to receive permission to republish the content.

3. Do: Be clear if you don’t mind to be republished

If you are a generous blogger and would like for your readers to republish your work, simply state that in a way that is viewable for them. If you do not allow them to reuse your content, they will most likely steal your work without giving you the proper acknowledgment.

4. Do: Respect others, as you would want to be respected

As a content creator, you expect others to value your hard work. Now that you understand the value to true unique work, treat others with the same respect. Seek permission, offer due credit, and always give respect when using their work.

1. Don’t: Copy/ Paste without asking

While you are surfing around, looking for the best content to include in your next blog post, you might find that it is so easy to simply click copy and paste straight to your blog.  However, you should always consider inquiring about copyright rules. Never use content that has not been offered you the chance to copy. Remember respect others as you would want to be respected. A little kindness does go a long way.

2. Don’t: Leave the internet thief alone

If you find that someone has taken your content and has been passing it as their very own, you are faced with an unjust situation. Your content holds great value. In this way, it is your choice whether or not you would allow them to reuse it.
If this sounds difficult to you, you need to consider protecting your work as soon as possible. You have invested a great deal of energy, blood, sweat, and tears to post your work online for others. Don’t be afraid to challenge the offender. Use plagiarism detection tools or try the DMCA takedown notice to get the individual to take down the content posted.

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Written by Lori Wade

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