Proven Hacks To Build The Best Email Marketing Templates Design

Email Marketing Templates Design

Recently, a term known as email marketing is in discussion across the market. The reason behind its fame is easy to implement tricks and inexpensiveness. Email marketing has been rapidly putting its footholds in the entire digital marketing industry and fortunately, it is achieving desired success in every business domain.

The reality is, by the end of this year the total number of worldwide accounts will increase up to 4.3 billion. Whether you believe it or not, but today, most of the people prefer email to convey important information and notifications. It is fast, convenient and most importantly the highly effective way to exchange information. To carry out email marketing with utmost precision, marketers started distributing promotional campaigns where attractively designed email templates play a crucial role.

If you are a brand or want to leverage your success, a well-designed email templates design is crucial to break the market conventions. Amongst so much competition, a great email design is needed to capture the attention of the readers rather being deleted from the inbox.

To empower email marketing campaigns and lead the brand towards the peak of success, we have listed some of the best email design tricks. Do have a cursory look at these:

Use columns to fix alignment problem

Columns are extremely useful for an email template design to look well-formatted and aligned. Even without using fluid design, an email design can win the hearts of visitors in a single glance. Anytime, you find that you are able to align the two tables, put them into the specific column you think is suitable to make your design perfect.

Put retina-friendly images in design

If you often face image insertion problem during email template design. It has been observed as many of the email clients block images in messages unless the user opts to see them. If you want your background images to be shown properly, you need to keep your text informative enough to persuade recipients to allow images to be displayed. The most important thing is to keep the images that are clearly visible and compel users in one stroke.

Simple yet alluring designs

A simple email template design is of great use as it provides a central focus on the message and the product. When an email is nicely designed with clear CTAs, images and links, it quickly takes everyone’s attention and urges them to subscribe for the same.

Apply color blocking techniques

The color blocking technique is very effective and implemented by various email marketers to provide a sophisticated feel to the emails. This email designing hack is executed by creating a combination of blush and black colors that let the design look more captivating and alluring.

Make fun with animations

Integrating animations in an email is the best tactic to grab visitors’ attention. However, adding animations to the design sometimes create problems due to size variations. To overcome this obstacle, marketers now use animated GIFs that deliver a simple and clear message with unique and memorable gestures. Using GIFs instead of heavy animations is the absolute way which motivates readers to take immediate actions.

Wrapping Up:

We call everything a science, basically, it is all about doing experiments on various aspects. Like, if you are doing your own experiments, you will definitely find different results for each experiment. For having a great design with an attractive message, you can try above-mentioned email designing strategies. These are proven and helped several email marketers achieve desired campaign results.

Written by Andrew Hudson

Being a Marketing expert, Andrew Hudson provides regular updates and knowledge to the people about trending topics related to marketing. He is working in EmailChopper as a digital marketing professional and show his potential in offering deep knowledge to the readers and interested marketing personnel.

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