Real Time Location Sharing and its connection to Whatsapp

Social media has become a major aspect in the present times due to their captivating attributes and applications which aid in effective communication. Whatsapp Real application is one example which permits users to share a wide range of data ranging from videos to pictures with others.

Whatsapp features several upgraded versions which make the users avail the system effortlessly and with simplicity. The real-time location sharing has been efficiently implemented with regards to the beta version of Whatsapp.

Currently, Whatsapp has been involved in augmenting the users with the ability to identify their friend’s location which is possible when GPS is switched on and its duration is quite short typically between one to five minutes. This feature is not a brand new one, yet Live Location Sharing augments and boosts it further. Sharing location information with contacts is possible, however, real-time location sharing is something unique which appeals in a considerable way

Real-time Location Sharing

Although Facebook is turning its attention away from real-time location sharing feature, its subsidiary- Whatsapp has been involved a lot with this aspect, where its beta version features the real-time location sharing feature which could be manipulated among the Whatsapp friends of the users.

This aspect is at present featured in both the Android and iOS versions. It functions by permitting users to switch on the live location tracking for a ample amount of time where the chosen recipient can track the precise location of the user via the app.

This aspect is pretty useful when the user is going to rendezvous with a friend or group of friends in a cram-full locality. Also, it could be implemented as an option for family members using a paid family locator application. Due to privacy concerns, the number of users manipulating this service are quite restricted.

It is signified that this feature can be deactivated by default and that the Whatsapp users can modify and regulate the sharing time. It is quite a fact that this location sharing means that Whatsapp is progressing ahead with respect to the settings.

This aspect has resulted in growing privacy concerns with relation to Whatsapp. Steps have been implemented with the connection to the security aspects which resembles a susceptibility.

Concerns over the real-time location sharing not being adopted by users due to the privacy aspects related is rising.

Users can temporarily or perpetually share their location with particular friends. The distance factor related to this is quite restricted in Facebook and it is peculiar that it is featured in Whatsapp as well presently.

Privacy aspect has been implemented with care and augmentation and Whatsapp has been experimenting with this. Ventures are made to modify and remove sent messages which are not read by the users and also strides are made to shake the device to convey issues to the Messenger App’s support team.

The functioning of real-time location sharing is mentioned below:

It begins with the users activating the app where the particular friends of the users can identify the former’s location only for a limited time.The Beta Version increases this factor to 5 minutes. Yet, the settings can be tweaked to allow friends of the users to always track the users irrespective of their location

Upgrading the features

This feature of Whatsapp resembles that of Twitter augmenting its useful aspects like location sharing. This aspect will boost the safety related aspects as users can monitor and track their friends and relatives. This is especially beneficial for women who are staying alone.

Whatsapp is experimenting with this aspect on both the iOS and Android platforms and it provides a scheduled time to notify  the particular set of people who share their locations with others indefinitely.

Proper care must be implemented to launch this feature due to its relation to security concerns. However, time sharing could shield the users from scams and malicious oriented people.


The Beta Version of Whatsapp boasts many sophisticated features. Hence the users must be imbibed with adequate information to make use of this app.The latest and updated location sharing aspect aids users to precisely locate their friends and other users.

This application is prevalent among the young generation and other people who maintain a proper mode of communication. It is due to the fact they are imbibed with education and are capable of manipulating this feature. Hardware modules have been integrated with the software constituents. This is implemented as Live Location Sharing.

This feature of Whatsapp can become one of the popularly used aspects for the forthcoming generation.

Written by Monish Sinthala

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