Redirecting Teens and Technology for a Better Body Image

Now a day, technology is everywhere. Technology is impressive and excellent. Do you agree? We can use social media sites such as face book, twitter etc. in order to know what our friends and family are doing or what are their current activities. We may contact them, send pictures through technology. Technology is a great source of help, amusement and refreshment for us.

Technology is good, but is too much technology good?

Redirecting Teens and Technology for a Better Body Image

Parents are worried about their children; they are trying to fill the generation gap between their children and themselves in order to release their stress. They want to examine each activity of their kids for their safety from technology. The activities maybe their relationships, online friends, face book, Skype, texting, send pictures to friends or capturing pictures etc. Teenagers just try to look good on social media and make their reputation only on online social life. In advancement of technology they have forgotten their real world life.

We can see that in movies and dramas that are totally based on fantasy. Teenagers saw the pictures of shining men and women that are silly, senseless and unreasonable. But the teens are impressed by them. The disadvantage of such movies is, the teens are losing their sense about how normal people behave and what normal people are?

Communication is very easy now. Teenagers think the person who gets more like on his pictures is more respected. In this way they post many pictures on social media, the pictures can be handed over to a person who wants to exploit you. With the growth of technology teenagers are suffering from such disadvantages of it. As a parent, you should explain your kids about these harms of technology so they may grow positively. You should discuss them frankly about the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

There are many acts on social media which helps teenagers to develop their interests, know about political events, and recognize people belonging to variety of backgrounds. In this way teenagers and tween agers grow in a positive way; they saw the difference between real and fake or imaginary world.

Teenagers can take many benefits from technology. They can use it to learn many things. Parents should encourage their children to use technology as a learning tool, develop their interest in learning rather than in worry about the latest fashion. We can ask our kids to learn from technology how to write about events means how to transfer information to others about the event they have attend. In short, as a parent you should ask your child to improve his skills using technology. Parents can help them to educate themselves.

With internet kids can explore the world, they can learn beyond their own culture. They can know about multi-cultural people. Parents should encourage their kids to look beyond their own land and learn about the whole world as much as they can. If kids focus on reality then maybe a perfect body image will be the last on their mind.

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